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“In the book Grit, Angela Duckworth highlights that “the most dazzling human achievements are in fact the aggregate of countless individual elements, each of which is, in a sense, ordinary”. In other words used by the U18/U21 program, excellence in skiing is a collection of simple things done savagely well. This sport demands attention to details in order to keep safe, competitive and, at times, mere hundredths of seconds ahead of competitors. The miniscule margin means every aspect of this sport needs appropriate attention. The season, WMSC has utilized HeadStartPro Performance Training to address the often under-appreciated mental aspect of ski racing with the goal of maximizing focus, awareness, mindfulness and performance for both athletes and coaches.

HeadStartPro Performance Training is designed to help “prevent the critical errors and decisions compromised by rushing, frustration, fatigue, and complacency”. This resource is helping establish new tools in our mental toolbox, while polishing pre-existing ones. It has provided an organized platform and mutually understood language in order to recognize, communicate and address mental states and subsequent mechanisms for change if necessary.

On Saturday February 22, 2020, the U18/U21 Program sat down for their second HeadStartPro Performance Training session. Reflecting on the opportunity, Conrad Pridy said, “I think it’s really nice to have it all laid out and organized with terminology and everything. I don’t think it is necessarily brand new material, but in this format it’s much more user friendly. The athletes are using the techniques to self-monitor and ‘self-trigger’ even after only two sessions, which is a nod to its accessibility”.

The gist is the State-to-Error Pattern. Certain physical states typically lead to 4 types of errors that increase risk to performance. HeadStartPro Performance Training teaches individuals to “rate their states” on a scale of 1-10 for how much rushing, frustration, fatigue or complacency is a present influencer of performance. This awareness enables the individual to then employ HeadStartPro Performance Training mechanisms to “self-trigger”, changing their states that might lead to critical errors and impaired performance to ones that encourage their peak-performance zone.

Like anything, practice makes progress. HeadStartPro Performance Training has provided a step-by-step mechanism that coaches and athletes can use to keep the mind appropriately engaged. The end goal is to minimize risk and maximize performance. We have already seen progress being made in terms of awareness of states which leads to an opportunity to intentionally encourage peak-performance zones, and are looking forward to more occasions for practicing using these self-management tools.”


WMSC Teams: Bronrad Willric and Titus take 1st and 2nd place on the 36th Peak to Valley 2020 race!

The average GS race has roughly 35 gates with a vertical drop of 250 metres. The Peak to Valley Race is a test of determination and endurance. Running from nearly the top of the Saddle all the way down to Dusty’s in Creekside, this course is approximately five consecutive GS’s put together. It has a vertical drop of 1,443 metres, with approximately 180 gates over a 5+ km long track.

In its 36th year, Peak to Valley 2020 seems to be aging like a fine wine. In conversations with other athletes it was confirmed that the conditions for this year’s event were second to none… at least in comparison to the past 5 years. Friday was balmy and beautiful with the sun illuminating the entirety of the 5+ km track. Saturday’s race wasn’t as lucky, with a dusting of fresh snow the night before making the conditions a bit rough, but visibility remained intact.

The WMSC entered two teams in the event.

Bronrad Willric (Britt Tiltson, Conrad Pridy, William Goneau, and Kike Guerra Cusi) posted up lighting fast runs to take the W with a collective time of 21:12:97. On Friday, Britt Tilston skied into second place in the Women’s Category (fifth overall) with a time of 5:25:23, and Conrad Pridy raced his way into second place for the Men and second overall with 5:04:27. Saturday saw Kike Guerra Cusi slice his way into third place for the Men’s Category and third overall with a time of 5:27:92. Kike, a man of few words, had this to say between deep breaths of air about his experience: “Exhaustion accomplished”. On the same day, William Goneau, fresh off the FIS racing tour, posted the fastest time of 5:15:55.

Titus (Roman Torn, Meg Cumming, Jack Crawford, and Madison Irwin) put up a good old fashioned fight for first with a collective time of 21:30:51, but ended up bested by Bronrad Willric. On Friday, Jack Crawford not only won the Men and Overall Categories, but posted a sub 5-minute result and new track record (4:53:62). In the same day, Madison Irwin topped the Women’s Category and was fourth overall with a time of 5:19:40. In Saturday’s event, Meg Cumming also stood on the top step of the Women’s Category, coming seventh overall with a time of 5:48:30. Reflecting on her experience Meg said, “My first time racing the Peak to Valley did not disappoint me or the lungs. Such a fun experience surrounded by so many enthusiastic skiers!”. Last but certainly not least because he posted the fourth fastest time, Roman-The-Ringer Torn flew down the track in 5:29:19.

The event was an absolute blast! The coaches collectively reminisced about feeling the nerves pumping in the start gate again and lactic acid burning in the finish, and have officially decided to start training more gates to break off the thick coating of rust.

Training starts now for the 37th Annual P2V.”

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Safety Net Set | FIS BC Cup | Parsons Memorial Downhill race

Safety Net Set – Sun, Feb 23 at Garbo Hut 9:30 am

Calling all WMSC parents! Please come out this Sunday (February 23rd) and help with net set for the upcoming BC Cup Whistler FIS Race. All hands on deck for this important safety net set up. It doesn’t matter if you have athletes racing in this event – we need your help! Please meet at Garbo Hut at 9:30 a.m. No experience setting nets? No worries – there will be lots of people to help guide you! The more volunteers the quicker the job gets done! Please email to confirm and your attendance and don’t forget to sign in at Garbo Hut. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Volunteer Now for the FIS BC Cup GS, Super G and Parsons Memorial Downhill Race (February 29 – March 8)

We are about to begin a long and exciting FIS race series on our Dave Murray National Training Centre and we still need lots of volunteers. We have athletes coming from across Canada and beyond! Let’s show them how we put on a race series! The races span two weekends and 4 week days so extra support from all our WMSC parents is needed. And you get to see the next generation of World Cup skiers at the same time! There will be GS races Saturday and Sunday February 29 and March 1, Super G Monday and Tuesday March 2 and 3rd and Downhill Thursday March 5th to Sunday March 8th. Wednesday March 4th is a non-racing day! Pick a day or two or eight to come out and help!

The Downhill race in the race series will be the 41st annual Bob Parsons Memorial race named in memory of the late Bob Parsons. Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, he began skiing in the late 1940s with his older brother Stan. They both raced on Hollyburn and Seymour Mountains, competing in jumping, nordic and downhill skiing. The Parsons family became members of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club in the late 60s. Bob Parsons was committed to junior ski racing and saw the need for junior skiers to have the opportunity to race downhill. This race has been held on the Whistler Back Bowl, Dave Murray Downhill, Green Acres, Blackcomb Panorama/Cloud Nine and the Dave Murray National Training Centre (Raven/Ptarmigan). Jim Parsons (WMSC U16 coach) was the winner of the first memorial DH in 1980 followed closely by Rob Lahti (current Hemlock coach), and Chris Leighton (Parsons) who you all know as the recently retired administrator at WMSC.

Please email with your available dates for these FIS races!

Public Hearing – Zoning Amendment Bylaw (WMSC)

Tue, Mar 3, 2020 at Maury Young Arts Centre 6:00 pm
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A group of U14 athletes have departed for Fort St. John last Wednesday to participate in the 2020 BC Winter Games. The 14 girls and 8 boys who qualified for this event will be training and racing at Bear Mountain Ski Hill, participating in Slalom and Giant Slalom events.

The BC Winter Games bring together up to 1,200 of the best emerging athletes in the province, hundreds of trained coaches and certified officials, and over a thousand volunteers. Whistler’s Rob Boyd and Britt Janyk participated in the BC Winter and Summer Games in 1980 and 1995 respectively, after which both have gone on to compete internationally and at Olympic Games.

Click on the following links to see what our WMSC athletes’ are up to this week:

Please join us to wish good luck to our amazing team representing our Zone at the event this week!

Congratulations to all WMSC athletes who participated and cheered on their peers last weekend for the second and third Club Races of the season.

On Saturday, our athletes battled some difficult start conditions but were able to find some firm conditions under the new snow. It was a great day nonetheless, with great race sets from coach Henry and coach Maddie.

On Sunday, the conditions were more in our favor and allowed for awesome racing experience down a longer track for our younger athletes.

Below are the results:

Club Race 2 | Saturday, February 15 | Slalom
U18/U21 Female: Alyssa Emery (1st), Holly Clarke (2nd), Gemma Bexton (3rd)
U18/U21 Male: Ryuji Gaman (1st), Matthias Shorter (2nd), Adam Usher (3rd)

U16 Female: Jacquie Smith (1st), Ries Holmes (2nd), Ava Parkhill (3rd)
U16 Male: Sam Fuller (1st), Felix Shorter (2nd), Jack Norman (3rd)

U14 Female: Stella Buchheister (1st), Hannah Jensen (2nd), Thea Torn (3rd)
U14 Male: Maxim Akbulatov (1st), Owen Staniforth (2nd), Maxus Mountford (3rd)

U12 Female: Alexa Ferguson (1st), Maika Lennox-King (2nd), Anais Staniforth (3rd)
U12 Male: Kingsley Parkhill (1st), Graydyn Swanson (2nd), Dominic Reid (3rd)

Club Race 3 | Sunday, February 16 | Giant Slalom

U18/U21 Female: Alice Ferrara (1st), Fiona McInnes (2nd), Alyssa Emery (3rd)
U18/U21 Male: Ryuji Gaman (1st), Kosuke Akita (2nd), Luife Sandoval (3rd)

U16 Female: Sara Stiel (1st), Tatum Nash (2nd), Jacquie Smith (3rd)
U16 Male: Felix Shorter (1st), Sascha Gilbert (2nd), Sam Fuller (3rd)

U14 Female: Stella Buchheister (1st), Sophia Cross (2nd), Hannah Jensen (3rd)
U14 Male: JJ Gibbons (1st), Thomas Legg (2nd), Braden Aitken (3rd)

U12 Female: Maika Lennox-King (1st), Hannah Neeves (2nd), Maia Harriman (3rd)
U12 Male: Kingsley Parkhill (1st), Marek Novak (2nd), Luka Buchheister (3rd)

Well done everyone!