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Club Race 1

Posted by Mark Tilston at Jan 26, 2020 1:35PM PST ( 0 Comments )

2019 – 2020 Club Race 1
Panelled Slalom, Dave Murray National training Centre

After a challenging start to the year, yesterday we eventually managed to get our Club race series started!

Although the conditions were still very challenging, after great efforts by Rob Boyd and the coaches to prepare for and set the course, some irreplaceable parent volunteers helping with set-up, timing and course maintenance we managed to get all the athletes through a 1 run panel slalom.

Even with the limited time training in gates this year, there was some great skiing, with strong displays of determination, perseverance and athletic recoveries!

The conditions were just a little too marginal to push for the Team Relay portion, however we will look for an alternative date to add this back into the schedule. Our plan is still to make teams, split evenly on times, with athletes from each age category to allow the older athletes to step into a leadership role to support the younger athletes, and create not only a flow of knowledge and experience, but some connections and friendships that break through the age group barriers.

Our club races are a great opportunity for all of our athletes to learn. It is a race environment with little at stake, but where one can try their tactical race skills and even the added value of a club race brought out the best in our athletes yesterday!

The course was challenging due to a great course set and tough snow conditions, but athletes fought hard to give their best from the start gate to the finish line. When the conditions are tough it shows a lot about someone’s mindset. Those who rise to the challenge, and still give their very best are those who relish in the tough conditions and the challenges. The skill of ‘racing’, giving one’s best is like any other skill, a skill that has to be developed, practiced and tested, and as with so many of the skills developed in ski racing, translates directly to life!

I look forwards to see you all at the next Club races on Feb 15th / 16th and in the meantime, there’s plenty opportunity to practice giving 100% from the start gate to the finish line.

Don’t forget that we will also have a Club Race Social on Feb 15th, where we will also ensure that we are sharing information about Whistler Cup, particularly for those who are new to the event, or moving up from U14 to U16.
In order concentrate our collective efforts and time, this social will also serve as the volunteer appreciation for the club race this weekend, the upcoming U14 races and the speed camp net-set. Therefore there will be no socials on Feb 1st and 8th as previously planned.

A huge thanks again to all of our volunteers who tirelessly, and selflessly make ski racing possible. The amount of time and effort that you put in on-hill, off-hill and behind the scenes is truly inspirational and motivational. To our unsung heros, thank you!

Mark Tilston

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In a unique ski racing format for ski racers in BC, U16 racers and U18/U21 (FIS) level racers competed together on the same hill with the same courses. The FIS racers skied first for their own race event, and then the U16 racers raced in the same course for their event. Having tracks already laid down by the older athletes seemed to raise the bar and get them racing a better line through the gates.

The Giant Slalom races were held on ‘Old Timer’, a pretty friendly track with grippy snow and nice rolling terrain. The slalom races were on ‘Hay Fever’, a much more challenging slope which was created for a World Cup SL race in 2007. Hay Fever starts with a very steep pitch with about 25 icy turns, followed by another 40 or so turns on mellower terrain before the finish.

“I’m not sure racing on such a steep FIS SL hill was the best for the U16’s, especially our first race of the year.” said Milan Novak who took a gold and bronze in GS, “The GS hill could have been a bit more challenging but it was a long GS and really nice snow.”
“I was a little concerned with how things might hold up racing after the FIS athletes, but as soon as I took my first run I was realized, this is great!” commented Sara Stiel, winner of all four U16 ladies races, “I was able to see how my times held up against the older athletes and watched them racing to get a better sense of what I will need to do to be competitive when I move up to FIS level racing next season. It was a great race series.”

Conrad Pridy, lead coach for the WMSC FIS program commented “Great for the U18/U21 athletes to get a sneak peak at their future competition within BC. Any opportunity for the older athletes to be role models is a valuable one, and a race series like this builds a strong foundation for the future of racing in BC. We all learn a lot about how to race with this kind of exposure.”

Some quotes from our FIS racers: “It was awesome being back with the team in a race environment! The races went pretty well, and it was fun to ski alongside the U16’s.”
– Julia Ross, U21, 3rd Place in GS competing as an out-of-town “alumni” WMSC athlete in town from her current role at The University of Maine as a Black Bear field hockey team athlete.
“This past race series was a pretty small race, but I found it to be a great learning experience. The smaller field made it feel like I really had a chance to put down a competitive run, and that encouraged me to ski some of the best races I’ve ever had. Knowing what you need to do before your race run makes everything so much easier; all that’s left is to execute your plan. Ski racing is as simple as that!”
– Lukas Forssander, U18 Racer and no longer a dark horse in GS according to his coaches!

The site for the 2022 FIS Junior World Championships, this race was great exposure for the racers born in 2001 or younger to get as much time and experience on the Pano race runs.

U16 results
Day 1 GS
1st Sara Steil (WMSC), 2nd Talyn Lorimer (Sun Peaks), 3rd Jamie Robinson(Vernon)
1st Dylan Stevens (Grouse), 2rd Sam Fuller (WMSC), 3rd Milan Novak (WMSC)
Day 2 GS
1st Sara Steil (WMSC), 2nd Jamie Robinson (Vernon), 3rd Sienna Blaser (Apex)
1st Milan Novak (WMSC), 2nd Sam Fuller (WMSC), 3rd Felix Shorter (WMSC)
Day 3 SL
1st Sara Steil (WMSC), 2nd Megan Doiron (WMSC),3rd Talyn Lorimer (Sun Peaks)
1st Dylan Stevens (Grouse), 2nd Felix Shorter (WMSC), 3rd Sam Fuller (WMSC)
Day 4 SL
1st Sara Steil (WMSC), 2nd Jamie Robinson (Vernon), 3rd ERin Husken (WMSC)
1st Sam Fuller (WMSC), 2nd Sasha Gilbert (WMSC), Kaleb Barnum (Fernie)

U18/FIS results
Day 1 Event – GS:
1st – Makenna Lebsack (Pano) 1st – Sarah Shephard (Pano) 3rd – Anya Molesky (BAR)
4th – Julia Ross (Top WMSC)
1st – Gavin Donald (ABST) 2nd– Tait Jordan (BCST) 3rd – Gerrit Van Soest (BCST) 4th – Ryuji Gaman (Top WMSC)
Day 2 Event – GS:
1st – Makenna Lebsack (Pano) 2nd – Sarah Shephard (Pano) 3rd – Julia Ross (WMSC)
1st – Tait Jordan (BCST) 2nd – Gerrit Van Soest (BCST) 3rd – Ryuji Gaman (WMSC)
Day 3 Event – SL:
1st – Makenna Lebsack (Pano) 2nd – Anya Molesky (BAR), 3rd – Anna Hawkins (Pano)
5th – Alyssa Emery (Top WMSC)
1st – Nathan Romanin (BCST) 2nd – Tait Jordan (BCST) 3rd – Gavin Donald (ABST)
9th – Kosuke Akita (Top WMSC)
Day 4 Event – SL:
1st – Makenna Lebsack (Pano) 2nd – Anya Molesky (BAR) 3rd – Sarah Shephard (Pano)
5th – Julia Ross (Top WMSC)
1st – Nathan Romanin (BCST) 2nd – Tait Jordan (BCST) 3rd – Gerrit Van Soest (BCST) 7th – Ryuji Gaman (Top WMSC)


Winter really made us wait and many questioned if the U14’s Teck coast zone race, and important qualification race for the BC Winter Games, would ever happen…but Ullr showed up and with equal passion and vigour so did all our racers!

The DMNTC’s Ptarmigan played host to the first race of the season for 120 U14 racers from our coast zone. Racers from Grouse, Seymour, Cypress, Sasquatch (Hemlock), Mt.Washington and Whistler’s WMSC competed in 4 events over January 11-12. As the snow pack and and terrain was too limited for a full GS race, the organizing committee elected to run 2 one-run slalom and panelled slalom races.

An army of parents gained valuable hands-on official race experience, but more importantly had fun and executed a fair race for all. Sarah Strother acting in her first time role as Chief of Race said “…I know we had a lot of parent volunteers come out for this race. It was terrific to see so many U14 families participating”. Thank you to our volunteers. Congratulations to all our racers!

Saturday 11th January: 2 one run Slalom

Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Brooke Irish (Grouse), 3rd-Vanessa Young (Whistler)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Nick Kokot (Seymour), 3rd-Thomas Legg (Whistler),
Ladies: 1st-Vanessa Young (Whistler), 2nd Brooke Irish (Grouse), 3rd-Olivia Imregi (Whistler)
Mens: 1st Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd Pearce Manning Avini (Grouse), 3rd Nick Kokot (Seymour)

Sunday 12th January: 2 one run Panelled Slalom

Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Carys Griffin (Whistler), Brooke Irish (Grouse)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Thomas Legg (Whistler), 3rd-Braden Aitken (Whistler)
Ladies: 1st-Stella Buchheister (Whistler), 2nd-Lola Gilbert (Whistler) 3rd-Brooke Irish (Grouse)
Mens: 1st-Thomas Hung (Grouse), 2nd-Thomas Legg (Whistler), 3rd-Braden Aitken (Whistler)


Nancy Greene Skills Event – January 18, 2020

A perfect winter day with heavy snow and blustery winds kept everyone busy getting ready for the day’s events! Volunteers were on the hill early working hard prepping the courses for over 140 racers from WMSC, Cypress Ski Club, Mount Seymour Ski Club and the Grouse Mountain Tyee ski club for three races – the start and skate, dual glalom, and the tuck, turn and skate. For the first time at this event, the overall results for boys and girls were combined, so it was a tough battle for medals and ribbons for the top ten!

In the dual glalom, Kingsley Parkhill from WMSC took the top honours for the 2008 division, teammate Dominic Reid took 3rd overall, while Mark Shapovalov of Grouse Tyee placed 2nd. Top girls were Maika Lennox in 5th overall and Sophie Neeves in 6th. For the 2009 category, Marko Plavsic from Tyee took 1st overall, with Grouse teammates Nathanial Hung and Burton Li rounding out the overall podium and Maggie Cormack from WMSC as top girl.

In the start and skate, Tyee took the two top spots on the 2008 overall podium with Mark Shapovalov in 1st, place, Smith Irish in 2nd and Maika Lennox-King from WMSC rounding out the podium in 3rd overall and fastest female. The 2009 category had Marko Plavsic (Tyee) repeating in 1st place overall, with teammate Nathanial Hung in 2nd and fast girl Sarah Fell from Cypress in 3rd.

The tuck and skate was an exciting event that combined guts, tactics and determination. The 2008 overall podium was topped by Kai Lund of Grouse Tyee, WMSC Dreas Gibbons in 2nd and Kingsley Parkhill in 3rd. Maika Lennox-King was again the top 2008 girl. The 2009 Tyee athletes were again in the hunt with Marko Plavsic in 1st overall, with Nathanial Hung in 3rd and Luka Buchheister from WMSC in 2rd. Ruby Cook from WMSC found her bullet and was the top 2009 girl.

“I think the weekend was great!” says head coach of the WMSC U12 program Matt Leduc. “The weather challenged us a bit but athletes were excited to get out there and show off the work they have put in so far this season. I’m looking forward to training a very motivated bunch in the upcoming weeks.”

Janyk Cup – January 19, 2020

WMSC tops the podium this year in the Janyk Cup! Balmy temperatures and sticky snow set the stage for Sunday’s third annual Janyk Cup hosted by WMSC. Just over 70 athletes from Cypress, Seymour, Grouse and WMSC participated in two one-run giant slalom races and a dual “glalom” event.

The overall Janyk Cup winners were determined by the fastest combined time of both GS races. Hannah Neeves and Kingsley Parkhill from WMSC dominated both races and took home the Janyk Cup trophy, named after long-time WMSC volunteer, Andree Janyk.

In the first of the two GS races, in the 2008 age category Kingsley Parkhill won, with teammates Dreas Gibbons in 2nd and Marek Novak taking 3rd. In the second race, Kingsley Parkhill and Dreas Gibbons repeated in 1st and 2nd place, with Graydyn Swanson from WMSC taking 3rd. In both races for the 2009 age category, Luka Buchheister, a new WMSC athlete from Colorado proved that he fits right in by placing 1st, with Francesco Hawkey from RDP in 2nd and Blake Thornhill, WMSC in 3rd.

In both GS races for the 2008 girls, WMSC’s Hannah Neeves took the top spot with Sophie Neeves in 2nd and Alexa Ferguson in 3rd. In the first GS race the 2009 girls podium was topped by Sarah Fell from Cypress, with WMSC girls Maggie Cormack in 2nd and Maia Harriman following in 3rd. Sarah Fell was the repeat winner in the second race, with Tua Paget of RDP in 2nd and Maggie Cormack in 3rd.

The dual glalom 2008 girls saw Hannah Neeves again take home top prize while sister Sophie Neeves won 2nd and Maika Lennox-King 3rd. Sarah Fell repeated as the 2009 girls winner, with Tua Paget in 2nd and Maggie Cormack in 3rd.

The 2008 boys dual glalom was won by Kingsley Parkhill, with Dominic Reid in 2nd and Dreas Gibbons taking 3rd place. 2009 boys had Luka Buchheister repeating in 1st place followed by Beau Morgan from Seymour and Dylan Alexander Boyes from Cypress.

WMSC U12 Head coach Matt Leduc said “We had a great race day Sunday! It was nice to see our many athletes compete in a true race environment. For many it was their first exposure to this kind of race and I was so happy with how the group handled themselves.”


January 17, 2020

On behalf of the WMSC Board of Directors, I am pleased to provide an update on a number of exciting developments in the Club’s Coaches Cabin project.

A key to the development of WMSC’s world-class ski racing reputation has been our ability to attract and employ elite coaching staff, allowing WMSC to offer the highest calibre of racing development environments for our athletes. A growing issue the Club is facing is the ability of our coaching staff to secure accommodation in Whistler’s ongoing tight rental accommodation market. The WMSC Board has identified this issue as a long-term strategic priority for the Club.

Proposed New Coaches’ Cabin
In order to address our coaches’ rental accommodation issue, the Club has been working towards the establishment of a Coaches’ Cabin to be constructed on the Club’s Creekside property adjacent to the Club Cabin. The proposed Coaches’ Cabin is envisioned to house eight coaches (with additional scalability), and is to be funded solely from donations, grants and long-term financing serviced by rental income. In the off-season the proposed Coaches’ Cabin could also be used to house other Whistler employees, targeted to coaches of other youth-oriented athletic disciplines. A detailed presentation on our Project is available at

Completion of Coaches Cabin Rezoning Expected in Q1 2020
For over 3 years now, a committed group of Club Members have been working to get the Club’s property re-zoned, to allow the establishment of the Coaches Cabin. Finally, in 2019 the project received Preliminary Re-zoning Approval from the RMOW. Since then we have been working to move the project through the Municipality’s Planning Department process and expect our Re-Zoning By-law to come before Council in the 1st Quarter of 2020. We also pleased to see our project endorsed in Mayor Jack Crompton’s 2020 New Year’s Message.

Whistler Blackcomb Foundation Commitment
Along with the expected completion of the Coaches Cabin project’s rezoning process, we are thrilled to announce the commitment of the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation as our “Legacy Partner” in the new Coaches’ Cabin. To launch the WMSC Coaches Cabin Capital Campaign, Whistler Blackcomb Foundation has committed $300,000 in matching funds for the project.

The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to organizations benefitting the residents of the Sea to Sky Corridor in the areas of health, human services, education, recreation, arts and culture and the environment, with an emphasis on children, youth and family programs. The Whistler Blackcomb Foundation is hosting its 27th annual TELUS Winter Classic with the grand finale gala theme “Imagine 2120” March 6 and 7th, 2020. This action-packed weekend features fun filled ski events, wine, beer and food galore, live and silent auctions and fabulous entertainment. This event is definitely one not to miss! We encourage all our stakeholders to join in supporting the Whistler Blackcomb Foundation ( For more details and to enter a team and/or purchase tickets, please clink on the links below:

Event website:
To register a TEAM as well as purchase extra team tickets:
Event Brochure:

With the achievement of these key project milestones, in 2020 the Club is now in a position to commence its WMSC Coaches Cabin Capital Campaign targeting to raise the estimated $1.6 million required to complete construction and make this legacy project a reality for the benefit of the future generations of WMSC racers to come. For more information on getting involved in this campaign contact

On Behalf of the Board

John Legg

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