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    The season has officially k...

    Our season has officially kicked off! Many th... read more 
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    December 16th Club Race Pos...

    As you are aware, we still have limited snow coverage and therefore hill space. Added to this, that many of... read more 
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    Respect In Sport

    The Respect in Sport program has been developed to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse,
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    Nancy Greene – Nat Bosa Bur...

    Nancy Greene played an instrumental role in starting the Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard Club and in supporting... read more 
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    Officials Course is being h...

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    WMSC Adopts Alpine Canada C...

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News and Announcements

2018 WMSC AGM December 1st

by Whistler Mountain Ski Club, 2018-11-17T15:27:17.000-08:00November 17 2018, at 03:27 PM PST

NOTICE is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club will be held on Saturday December 1st, 2018 at 11:00 am at the Whistler Secondary School, 8000 Alpine Way, Whistler, British Columbia V0N 1B8 for the following purposes:
1. To approve the Minutes of the 2017 AGM;
2. To receive the Report of the Executive Director;
3. To receive the Financial Statements for the year ended April 30, 2018;
4. To ... [more]
Past Announcements

2018-2019 Season Kick-off and Fitness assessments, December 1st

2018-11-17 03:20 PST by Whistler Mountain Ski Club

Calling on all WMSC Athletes and Parents!
The Whistler Mountain Ski Club will be holding its first Annual Season Kick-off Meeting & fitness assessments on December 1st, 2018 at Whistler Secondary... [more]

50th Anniversary Gala Success

2018-11-06 05:22 PST by Whistler Mountain Ski Club (0 Comments)

An enormous thank you to those of you who came to the 50th Anniversary Gala and to the team of volunteers who worked incredibly hard to put the event together. Patrick... [more]

Mollie Jepsen, Best Female Athlete at the Canadian Paralympic Sport Awards

2018-11-06 09:09 PST by Whistler Mountain Ski Club (0 Comments)

Congratulations to Mollie Jepsen, the Para Alpine breakout star who is receiving the award for Best Female Athlete at the Canadian Paralympic Sport Awards for her remarkable achievements in PyeongChang. “It is ... [more]

Message Board

2018-12-10T14:26:06.000-08:00December 10 2018, at 02:26 PM PST, Conrad Pridy said:

Hello Athletes and Parents,

Thank you all for your responses on travel preference. Please see the updated Travel Plan for Wednesday, Dec. 12:

Morning Travel – Kieran Harley, Laury Bonnivert, Gigi Kranjc, Kosuke Akita, Curtis Jepsen, Brendan Moss
7:30am – Whistler Athletes meet at the Club to load Trailer
8:00am – Audi + Trailer depart the Club Cabin heading Southbound
9:30am – Meet at Westmount Exit Park and Ride (3670 Westridge Ave, West Vancouver)
9:50am – Meet at Real Canadian Super Store (N. Van)
2:30pm – ETA in Sun Peaks
After-School Travel – Freya Jumonville, Tait Jordan, Alyssa Emery, Nathan Romanin, Maja Woolley, Julia Ross
3:45pm – Whistler Athletes meet at the Club to load Truck
4:00pm – Club Truck, Audi depart the Club Cabin heading Southbound
4:30pm – Meet at Wal-Mart Parking lot for Squamish pick-up
5:30pm – Meet at Real Canadian Super Store (N. Van) for Vancouver pick-up
9:30pm – ETA in Sun Peaks

For those travelling on the After-School plan, we will most likely be encountering some degree of rush-hour so pick-up times are estimates. The option for pick-up at the Westmount Exit Park and Ride is a new one this trip, if it is easier for any Vancouver families to get there instead of RCS please let me know.

We will be travelling in a convoy with Henry and the U14 Team to and from Sun Peaks, so vehicle sharing is required. It’s going to be cozy. Currently we are on the limit of available seating coming back from Sun Peaks and may need to ask parents for a little help. More on that as we get into the camp and figure out who is going where.

Training at home this week and next will be run by Kike. Please check your TeamPages and keep your notifications on to see training updates and schedules.

Conditions in Sun Peak are looking excellent! Fingers crossed it stays that way for us.

If you have any questions please get in touch with me,

2018-12-07T14:08:05.000-08:00December 07 2018, at 02:08 PM PST, Conrad Pridy said:

Sun Peaks Camp 2.0 Logistics

Hello Athletes and Parents,

Sun Peaks Camp 2.0 is only 5 days away which means it’s logistics time! Below is the proposed departure/arrival plan for Wednesday, Dec. 12:

Morning Travel
8:00am – 2x Audis + Trailer depart the Club Cabin heading Southbound
8:45am – Meet at Wal-Mart Parking lot for Squamish pick-up
9:45am – Meet at Real Canadian Super Store (N. Van) for Vancouver pick-up
2:30pm – ETA in Sun Peaks

After-School Travel
3:45pm – Club Truck departs the Club Cabin heading Southbound
4:15pm – Meet at Wal-Mart Parking lot for Squamish pick-up
5:15pm – Meet at Real Canadian Super Store (N. Van) for Vancouver pick-up
9:00pm – ETA in Sun Peaks

Please respond to this email with your travel preference, either in the morning or after school, so I can rearrange the vehicle assignments if needed.

Anyone up here this weekend is welcome to drops bags going to Sun Peaks off in the Club Ski Room to be loaded into the trailer. Bags must be clearly labelled with name and destination, and stacked neatly in the back corner of the room (this would be a really effective way to get bags organized for a quick departure if you are part of the After-School Travel group).

We will (finally) be getting a little SG action in so make sure you’ve got those skis packed with your GS and SL skis. Anyone continuing to Panorama after Sun Peaks should bring everything they will need for the races as we will not be returning home between. Schedule will be confirmed closer to the end of the camp, but those going home after Sun Peaks will be travelling in an Audi + Trailer after training on Sunday (16th) morning.

From the TeamPages event it looks as though this camp is set on the attendance front, however if you want to go and have not indicated it on the event page please do so (and send me a message) ASAP. Same applies to the Panorama FIS Races.

That’s all for now folks! Any questions let me have em’.

2018-12-07T14:07:16.000-08:00December 07 2018, at 02:07 PM PST, Conrad Pridy said:

Hello Athletes and Parents,
Before we get into this, I want to warn all of you that this is going to be a long email. Bring some snacks and water, make sure you’re somewhere comfortable, and please make the time to read all of it, .
We will be covering the following:
· Training this week
· Fitness schedule
· Sun Peaks Camp 2.0
· Panorama FIS Races
· Website Logins and Troubleshooting
Alright, here we go!
Training this Week
For those of you that did not get the update via TeamPages, or were away in Norquay, the mountain is not quite ready for us yet. I went up on Sunday to check things out and came away with a few observations: the snow is mainly man-made which has created an excellent surface for skiing on, there is only one run currently open that is rock-free enough to ski safely, skiing and snowboarding is still very popular despite the conditions and the run(s) available are completely packed and essentially unskiable (for our purposes) after 9:00am. This sample was taken on a weekend so there is a chance things are a little calmer on weekdays, I guess we’ll see.
Based on these observations and taking into account our current freeskiing-only option, it is my recommendation that this week be used to catch-up/get ahead on schoolwork. If putting in a few more full days of school will potentially free up enough time to come to Sun Peaks in a week and half I think that is a much more productive use of the time. Kike, Shannon, and I will still be available for freeskiing sessions this week for those of you who want to ski, but the days will be shorter than normal to avoid the mob. Details on meeting/end times will be updated on our U18/U21 Division Calendar prior to training on Thursday.
Fitness Schedule
With training being very optional this week the post-training fitness schedule has been adjusted to fit with school. Fitness sessions on Thursday and Friday this week will be from 3:45pm – 5:00pm. Weekend fitness session will remain unchanged (3:00pm – 4:00pm). All fitness sessions take place at the Club Cabin. This week we will be focusing mainly on Aerobic Capacity and Core.
Sun Peaks Camp 2.0
As of this morning I have the following athletes (listed in rooming arrangements) expressing interest in the camp either via email or TeamPages:
2br + Kitchen – Tait Jordan, Nathan Romanin
2br + Kitchen – Curtis Jepsen, Brendan Moss
6br + Kitchen – Freya Jumonville, Alyssa Emery, Maja Woolley, Julia Ross, Gigi Kranjc
2br + Kitchen – Laury Bonnivert, Lukas Forssander
If I have any names above that are NOT planning to go to this camp please let me know ASAP. If anyone IS planning to go to this camp and has not communicated their intent to me yet please do so ASAP.
This whole trip is being thrown together at a moment’s notice, so I do not expect everyone to be able to attend, nor should anyone feel that it is expected of them to miss more school/spend more money. This is, however, still a trip and requires hotel rooms and vehicles to be booked so the deadline for sign-up will be tomorrow (Tuesday, Dec. 4). At the moment, based on an 11-athlete roster and with the 3 vehicles needed for the trip, the cost is sitting at $630. Apologies if you received an earlier email from me with a lower price, it was an estimate based on 14 athletes and did not take in account tax for the hotel rooms….
Regarding departure plans for Sun Peaks, there has been significant interest in leaving after school on the 12th, and it is my pleasure to let you all know that this is completely doable! Preliminary travel plans would be 2 Audis + trailer depart Whistler in the morning to get everything set-up and to check out the hill, Club truck departs Whistler at 4:00pm making pick-ups along the way. We can organize gear closer to this weekend to make everything as easy as possible on the 12th. At the end of the camp 2 vehicles will continue to Panorama for the FIS Races, while the other heads back to Whistler.
Panorama FIS Races
If you are planning to go to these races and are also in Sun Peaks for the camp prior, then there isn’t much to talk about. If you will not be in Sun Peaks but would like to go to these races, we will need to get you out there somehow, the easiest way is to fly into Cranbrook on the afternoon of Dec. 16 to be picked up. Depending on final numbers for the trip there may not be enough room in the vehicles to drive back, so the safest bet would be to book a return flight departing in the evening on Dec. 21.
I have spoken with many of you already about these races, and I do have notes in my calendar from our pre-season scheduling meetings about who was initially interested and who was not. That said, after racing a little, training a lot, and (hopefully) crushing school some of you may feel differently. If you are now planning or not planning on coming to Panorama please indicate your intentions in the specific event attendance form on our TeamPages (website) U18/U21 Division Calendar. Wow that was a mouthful.
Website logins and Troubleshooting
This has basically been the bane of my existence for the past week, but we are making progress and I have some new pointers to help get you all a little more sorted.
- Our U18/U21 Division page has been consolidated down to just one “Team”, the U18/U21 Program. Gone are the confusing individual Extended, Core+, and Core teams and calendars.
- LeagueOne (the payment site) allows only 1 login per family. This makes sense and should keep things simple when it comes to paying for things. TeamPages (WMSC website) requires individual logins for each person with a profile. As some of you have figured out, parents cannot indicate attendance for their kids. If you haven’t already, please go to the website and create a personal account using the email that I regularly contact you at. Everyone has a profile already with an email address attached (the one I use to contact you), and in order to properly login you must use this email.
- Once you are all set-up and logged in, go to your notifications page (the envelope icon on the top bar of the website) and accept any invites to join the U18/U21 Program Team. From there you should be able to see all the events in the calendar and accept or decline the ones you will or will not be attending.
Sportlyzer is officially gone so the sooner we can all get familiar with TeamPages the better. It will become our main form of communication moving forward. If you have not downloaded the phone app please do so.

That about sums it up, thanks for bearing with me. As always, if you have any questions about scheduling, the website, or general advice, my door (and email) is always open.

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