Fitness Testing

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Jun 13 2023 at 01:50PM PDT

Fitness Testing, June 17th | Run to the Rings, June 18th

On Saturday, June 17th, we will have club wide fitness testing at the Whistler Racket Club, 8am to 11am. Please register via the link below to get in on the action.


Why come and to put yourself through the paces? The physical preparation in dryland during the off season is an essential component to our success on snow. To be fast in the course, we need the mobility, agility, aerobic and anaerobic capacities and strength for our bodies to perform in the ways in which we’re asking them to. As well when we hit such speeds, these attributes also keep us safe from injury.

The role of fitness testing is to give us the external benchmarks to know where we’re at and need to go to be at our desired levels. And it’s fun to come hang with your friends and coaches for the day.

On Sunday the 18th, there will be a “Run the Rings” happening at 10am, starting from the Ski Club Cabin in Creekside. This is a club wide challenge to see how fast we can run/hike from the club cabin, up to the Olympic rings on the timing flats, touch them and back down to the cabin. For the U12 and U14 athletes, please have a parent join you as we only have U16 and FIS athletes on staff during this time. In fact, all parents may join in the fun and make it a family affair. The record is jointly held by WMSC alumni Riley Seger and Ella Renzoni at 23 minutes, set in 2014… who can beat this?!?

We look forward to seeing you all soon.