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Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Mar 19 2022 at 11:04AM PDT in 2021-2022

Spring Break and Extra Days | Open for registration

During the spring break we will continue with our regular schedule of training: Thursdays-Sundays.

We will not be adding extra days.

If you are not enrolled in an extended program you can sign up for extra days NOW!

Costs: U12 and U14 $75/day | U16 and FIS $80/day. For specific details visit our website | Programs |select your page (U12 to FIS) | Extra Days

  • U12 Extra Training Days
  • U14 Extra Training Days
  • U16 Extra Training Days
  • FIS Extra Training Days | Contact your coaches

U14| U16 WMSC Spring Invitational | Apr 7 -10

Calling all U14s and U16s for one last race of the season. Slide on race suits and gloves for 3 days of races: GS, SL and Dual event. We are expecting athletes from around ours and other provinces.

Register today

U14 WMSC Spring Invitational | Apr 7-10
U16 WMSC Spring Invitational | Apr 7 -10

Deadline, Sun, March 20th

Calling all families coached by Denis Ebacher

Denis Ebacher is celebrating 30 years of working with the J4 program! Many of our current athletes, coaches and director have benefited of Deni’s passionate, expert and personable teachings. We are creating a photo book and ask you to share any photos you have either with him or just your kids on their own during that era. Please share with us by email at

Stoko Partnership.

WMSC is pleased to announce a new partnership with “supportive apparel” provider Stoko . Stoko is re-inventing knee support systems and they wish to partner with our athletes and membership. Stoko will provide both a discount to our membership and a contribution to WMSC with each transaction.

To quote their website; “Stoko calls its product supportive apparel and it is getting everyone back to doing what they love. Customizable and anatomically correct, you get all the support of a traditional knee brace within the comfort of a compression tight. Our products are engineered to help you come back from your knee injury sooner, protect a chronic knee injury from getting worse and minimize your chance of getting injured in the first place.” Visit their website for more product details,

WMSC Membership and Alumni enter “*WMSC2022*” for the partnership deal.

WMSC Alumni Mollie Jepsen, closing ceremony flag bearer

The closing ceremony flag bearer for the Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games is Mollie Jepsen!!

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WMSC alumni Riley Seger wins Elite 90 Award for NCAA men’s skiing championship

Riley Seger, a junior at Montana State is the first Bobcat in history to be named an Elite 90 honoree.

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William Deeks passed away

William Deeks was a long time member of WMSC. Him and his wife, Julie, were major supporters of our Whistler Cup and Club in general. Our thoughts and hearts go out to his son Bob Deeks, our U14 coach, and the rest of his family and friends. For more details about funeral visit here