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Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Aug 10 2021 at 02:33PM PDT in 2021-2022

The Power of Rest

Over the next few weeks, the ski club will be on a little programming shut down, giving everyone time for a rest, play and explore other aspects of life. Within a the context of sport, rest can be a powerful weapon to rediscover ones passion, build up new creative skills and re connect with the joys of the activity. In 2007, Canadian speed skater Jeremy Wotherspoon did just this.

After early success, young in his career which included world cup victories, world records and an Olympic silver medal in the Nagano ‘98 Games, Wotherspoon fell on disappointing times. His next two Olympics in Salt Lake City and Turin were met with struggles to find the podium after which he decided to take some time off for himself. Below are some excerpts from Bryce Barry’s book, “More than Medals”:

“Jeremy moved to a small deserted island in Norway. He spent some time by himself and also worked on a fishing boat… ‘I spent a lot of time on this island, walking around, going fishing from the shore but mostly resting and relaxing.’ After his sojourn in Norway, he returned to speed skating with a vengeance, faster and more focused. He was like lighting, clocking world records and winning events. He didn’t quit the sport, but stopping everything to do with it in order to come back to it fully made all the difference. It pinpointed his focus on what he wanted in his life and what he still wanted to do in his sport.”

For all the younger athletes out there in our club, these same principles apply to use the time to step away from their normal routines, play new sports, do activities for fun and tap into their creativity.

Enjoy the next month, we’ll see you back for the August 30th dryland camp and a few weeks for the FIS athletes going to Sass Fee. Between Blanca and I, someone will be around with questions during this time as well.



Mat Leduc moves on to Ski Cross Team | Thank you Mat and Good Luck!

Even though this hasn’t been a secret, we hadn’t made an official announcement so wanted to take the opportunity to share. After three full season coaching in the U12 program, Mat is leaving his role and taken a coaching position with the Evolve Ski Cross team based out of Calgary.

“This new job is an opportunity to work in a discipline that I loved racing and feel these skills have something unique to offer the sport and team. I’m super grateful for the opportunity I had to learn and lead with the club and the support given by members and colleagues during my time. I’ll miss shoveling ruts on the West Coast, watching athletes send it off cliffs and receiving my gummy bear’s coach tax at Chic Pea. I look forward to seeing everyone on hill and be sure to say hi. I’ll be watching on the result sheets.”

From all of us at the Whistler Mountain ski club, we wish Mat the best in his new adventure.

Ps, he’ll still be back to coach the dryland camp at the end of August… so we still have him for a bit longer.

2021-2022 Coaches Update

We had a nice feedback note after our last E-news asking about if we had any lead coach updates to share. So in the spirit of transparency, we’ll fill you in with where we’re at.

As of now, officially the U12, U14, and U16 lead coach positions are vacant, but we are in talks with a few great candidates. In both U12 and U14, our hopeful hires have recently been sent offers of employment and are waiting for their responses. For the U16 lead role, there is a candidate, though in the early stages of discussions and are hopeful to have some progress in the next few weeks. Behind the lead coaches, there are a great mix of assistant candidates ranging from last seasons returning staff to new ones who have sent their resumes in.

This summer has for sure been full of change within the coaching staff and as they are our most valuable assets, we’re working our networks to attract a diverse and professional coaching staff for the 2021/22 season. We will be sure to share any news when things become official.

If you have any comments, questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out.


Fitness August


During the month of August, our gym will be open to all our current members, athletes and alumni. The doors will be open from 7 am to 7 pm daily. Requirements to access WMSC facilities

Your Family Membership, Racer Account and BC Alpine fees must be current
You must be 14 or older
Open on first come, first- served basis. Maximum participants at any given time is 8
Fill out the Health Check (QR Code posted on the entrance door)
Wipe and disinfect equipment before and after use

August Fitness Camp #3

We will be running a fitness Camp for our U14 to FIS Athletes from August 30th to September 3rd. For U12s we will continue with a 2-day camp joining the U14s on Thursday and Friday September 2nd and 3rd.

More details to come from your Lead Coaches. Stay Tuned and safe the dates!

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