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Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Jul 21 2021 at 05:00PM PDT in 2021-2022

The Power of Multi-Sport by Mike Janyk

Every off season opens new opportunities for kids to explore different sports, interests, and avenues of play. Within our sport’s long term athletic development model (LTAD), multi-sport plays a key role in young athlete’s growth, whether it’s joining a track team, soccer, biking or field hockey, playing a series of different activities builds a variety of complementary skill sets, allows for excitement to grow when returning their primary sport and keeps it fun. The aim is to shape our programs to support multi-sport athletes while providing strong dryland that instills fundamental movements, mental skills and team building.

​As athletes mature through their ski racer journey, they will slowly gravitate to a more specialize approach, around 16 years old, where skiing becomes their main focus. I was 17 when I finally let go of baseball, the last sport other than skiing I played throughout my development. With all of this, its important to know your own child and their desires. In an article from 2008, Wayne Gretzky spoke about the value of multi-sport and in it made the key comment, “First of all, I think every kid is different. Some kids can play all day, all year like Gordie Howe….” “… but in most cases, it’s important for kids to play other sports…”

​Whatever path your kid is inspired to do, keep us in the loop. If they are active in other sports or if skiing is their main passion and keen for it all, talk to your coaches, let us know and we can build dryland programs to support this. As we come to better know ourselves, what inspires us and where we find joy, then a powerful partnership can take place to elevate each other towards our goals.


Mike Janyk

Ps. Reminders to complete your membership registration by July 1st to participate in club activities and sign up for our July dryland camp #1. I’ll be coaching the U16s camp so you know it’s going to be fun

2021-2022 WMSC and BC Alpine Membership Registration is Open | closes on Sunday, October 31

WMSC and BC Alpine Membership renewals and new members registration is now open until Sunday, October 31st.

To participate in any of our Fitness sessions, Fitness Camps or pre-season camps; your Family Membership, BC Alpine Fees and Racer Accounts must be current.

U12 | U14 | U16 Register Now
FIS | Register Now

Winter Program Calendars and Pricing will be published later in July.


U12 – FIS July Summer Camp #1 Open for Registration | Deadline Friday, July 2nd

Our first Summer Fitness Camp is open for all age groups. Specific details will be emailed to you by your Lead Coach. Register below

U12 – Thur-Fri, July 8 and 9 | $50 | Register
U14- Mon-Fri, July 5-9 | $130 | Register
U16 – Mon-Fri, July 5-9 |$70| Register
FIS – Mon-Fri, July 5-9 | $70| Register


Save the date | FIS Saas Fee, Switzerland Camp | August 19-Sep 09

We are partnering with Banff Alpine Racers for an amazing summer camp for FIS athletes in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Approximately 16 days on snow, 4 recovery days and 2 traveling days. More information will come from your Lead Coach, Richard Jagger

It is a capped at 10 athletes plus 2 on wait list. Registration will open end of July and it will be on first come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to athletes enrolled to a WMSC Winter Program.

Stay tuned!


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