WMSC Update - April 6

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Apr 06 2021 at 03:38PM PDT in 2020-2021 Season

Dear Members,

I want to update everyone on our plans going forward for the next couple weeks.

It was our intention to begin outdoor sessions on the weekends with various forms of activity, ultimately wanting to stay engaged with our racers. As we started to research what our options were, infections from a new COVID variant started to seriously ramp up in Whistler, with many infections hitting the younger generation.

Yesterday I spoke with Dr. Fern von der Porten (Member WMSC, 2 kids) who is the Whistler Medical Director to get her perspective. She was very quick to say NO, not a good idea for anyone to be gathering in our community at the moment. She said “Whistler currently has a very high number of COVID cases, including the Brazil variant. We are seeing young and healthy people becoming very sick and requiring hospitalization. Numbers are on the rise. Until we get a better handle on this next wave, I strongly recommend that we take a pause on our training and gathering. The safety of our athletes, coaches and community depend on it. In Ski Racing terms, this wave is the real thing: the first one was inspection, and the second one was a training run. This one is the real event. Time to use every skill we’ve learned over the last year. Every choice matters. Mask up and keep it very tight. This is a scary one.”

This recommendation from a leader in the Whistler community health care is clear and unambiguous. We feel the club needs to follow this advice at this critical public health moment in Whistler. In discussions with our WMSC Executive Committee , and the Lead Coaches. we have decided to suspend further in-person activities for the time being and look at other online or virtual programming we can offer our athletes in the meantime.

The Lead coaches will be sending out Zoom dates etc to get the ball rolling on engaging with the racers.

These are difficult times for all athletes, coaches, staff and membership. We need to band together to get to the other side of this pandemic in a safe and responsible way.




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