Moving on - Message from WMSC Executive Director

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Apr 02 2020 at 11:28AM PDT in 2020-2021 Season

Dear all

​It is with very mixed emotions that I move on from my position with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. The WMSC is so much more than a ski club. The community that is the club, and the wider communities that the club are involved with have led me to meet and learn from an incredible range of champions in life.

There is no doubt that it is a big ship to steer, yet with the many incredible staff, members, volunteers and partners it has been an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding experience and since day one it has felt like a team effort.

I cannot express enough gratitude and appreciation to all the staff, volunteers and partners who work tirelessly to keep evolving the club, the programmes and the events that we deliver. It would simply be impossible without such great people and I have certainly benefited from the support at every turn. I have learnt an incredible amount from all of you and I endeavour to take the lessons learnt and the enthusiasm to keep learning forwards with me.

This past season has been particularly challenging, and the club has shown its true colours. With the lack of snow at the start of the year, followed by the inundation of snow, health challenges for key staff members and their families and now the Coronavirus, the team has stepped up, rallied and made the very best of every situation.

I have been truly humbled to work with the entire team that we have. From the athletes who turn up every day to make the most of every opportunity and continually give their best, to the coaches who’s enthusiasm and passion for the sport and their tireless efforts in their pursuit of personal excellence and that of their athletes is remarkable.

One area where I have learnt a great deal and built an enormous respect in my time at Whistler Mountain Ski Club is for everything that goes on behind the scenes. The admin staff who work round the clock to make it all happen, the parents who give enormous support to their athletes, the volunteers who get up in the dark to go on hill or the race office and organise everything from lunches to start lists. You are all true champions in life.

I have received a great amount of support and I am incredibly grateful for the guidance from the Executive Committee and the Board of directors over the last years, and none more so than through the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenge and complexities that this has been, and continues to be creating in the world.

Of course, I am delighted that I will be passing the ‘keys’ back to Bob Armstrong when I leave. Bob transitioned me in and the fact that he will transition me back out shows the level of loyalty, knowledge and passion that Bob has, and I know that together with the board the club is in very good hands particularly in these difficult times.

It is never easy to move on from something that you are completely invested in and there would never be a good time to step away, and with the current challenges it makes it even harder. However, I am very reassured in the knowledge that Bob, Blanca and the coaching team, particularly the Lead Coaches and Athletic co-ordinator, Conrad, Drew, Henry, Mat & Richard will continue to develop the club.

I look forwards to watching the team evolve along with the club and the continued development of Champions in Life and Sport in the years to come and you will be hearing from this team directly in the next few days regarding the transition into next season along with initiatives to be taken over the next several months to strengthen the physical & psychological readiness with the technical and tactical understanding.

Finally however, I am incredibly excited about the challenging journey that lies ahead of me, I will maintain contact with the club and look forwards to see you all again soon (whenever we are allowed to interact).

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all.

Your sincerely

Mark Tilston


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