WMSC honours Andree Janyk by hosting its 2nd Annual Janyk Cup

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Mar 21 2019 at 09:33AM PDT in 2020-2021 Season

WMSC hosted its second race this past weekend, the second annual Janyk Cup, in honour of Andree Janyk. WMSC once again hosted over 100 U12 racers for two GS races and two Dual Glalom races. WMSC was the overall winner of the GS races with the Janyk Cup awarded to Thomas Legg and Thea Torn for their fastest combined times in the GS races.

For the individual races in the 2007 males’ GS race, the first run was won by Benjamin Gold of Grouse Mtn, Thomas Legg from WMSC in 2rd and Nick Kokot from Seymour was 3rd. For the 2007 females’ first run in the GS race, 1st was Marlowe Cook from WMSC, 2nd was Thea Torn from WMSC and 3rd was Lilia Rose from Grouse Mtn. The first run of the 2008 males had Dreas Gibbons, WMSC as 1st, Borna Awaii, Grouse, as 2nd and Kingsley Parkhill from WMSC in 3rd. Oliver Baynam, RDP WB, was the fastest 2009 male in the first run and Sarah Keogh, RDP WB, was the fastest 2009 female in first run. For the second run of GS for the 2007 boys, Thomas Legg from WMSC was 1st, Nick Kokot from Seymour was 2nd and Maxim Akbulatov from WMSC was 3rd. WMSC covered all podium places for the 2007 girls second run of GS with Thea Torn in 1st, Hannah Jenson in 2nd and Nicole Webb in 3rd. For the 2008 boys second run of GS, Kingsley Parkhill, WMSC was 1st, Borna Awaii, Grouse, was 2nd, Smith Irish, Grouse, was 3rd and for the 2008 girls, Emily Warman, Grouse, was 1st, Naomi Robert, WMSC, 2nd and Sophie Neeves, WMSC was 3rd. Oliver Baynam, RDP WB, was 1st 2009 male in the second run, and Ruby Cook, RDP WB, was the 1st 2009 female second run and Sarah Keogh, RDP WB, was 2nd.

For the Dual Glalom race, WMSC filled all podium spaces in the 2007 male and female races – Thomas Legg was 1st, Ryan Perron was 2nd and Owen Stanniforth was 3rd and on the female side, Nicole Webb was 1st, Hannah Jenson was 2nd and Marlowe Cook was 3rd. For the 2008 Dual Glalom race, the fastest males were Kingsley Parkhill, WMSC 1st, Dreas Gibbons, WMSC 2nd and Graydyn Swanson, WMSC 3rd, and the fastest females were Sophie Neeves, WMSC 1ST, Kim Chantal, Grouse 2nd and Chloe Anderson, Grouse, 3rd. For the 2009 Dual Glalom race, the fastest male was Oliver Baynham, WMSC and the fastest female was Ruby Cook, RDP WB.

Gillian McFetridge, Lead Coach for the WMSC U12 Program commented on the legacy of Andree Janyk and the positive, participatory energy of the day. “When I was a teenager, I knew Andree Janyk as “Britt’s mom”. I remember her passion for ski racing and her devotion to the Whistler Mountain Ski Club. I feel confident in saying that our parent volunteers this weekend, many of whom are new to the club, bring an enthusiasm for ski racing that was a fitting tribute. On behalf of the U12’s athletes and coaches, I’d just like to say an enormous thank you for organizing a memorable weekend of racing!”

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