Club Race 1

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Feb 20 2020 at 12:09PM PST in 2018-2019 season

2019 – 2020 Club Race 1

Panelled Slalom, Dave Murray National training Centre

After a challenging start to the year, yesterday we eventually managed to get our Club race series started!

Although the conditions were still very challenging, after great efforts by Rob Boyd and the coaches to prepare for and set the course, some irreplaceable parent volunteers helping with set-up, timing and course maintenance we managed to get all the athletes through a 1 run panel slalom.

Even with the limited time training in gates this year, there was some great skiing, with strong displays of determination, perseverance and athletic recoveries!

The conditions were just a little too marginal to push for the Team Relay portion, however we will look for an alternative date to add this back into the schedule. Our plan is still to make teams, split evenly on times, with athletes from each age category to allow the older athletes to step into a leadership role to support the younger athletes, and create not only a flow of knowledge and experience, but some connections and friendships that break through the age group barriers.
Our club races are a great opportunity for all of our athletes to learn. It is a race environment with little at stake, but where one can try their tactical race skills and even the added value of a club race brought out the best in our athletes yesterday!

The course was challenging due to a great course set and tough snow conditions, but athletes fought hard to give their best from the start gate to the finish line. When the conditions are tough it shows a lot about someone’s mindset. Those who rise to the challenge, and still give their very best are those who relish in the tough conditions and the challenges. The skill of ‘racing’, giving one’s best is like any other skill, a skill that has to be developed, practiced and tested, and as with so many of the skills developed in ski racing, translates directly to life!

I look forwards to see you all at the next Club races on Feb 15th / 16th and in the meantime, there’s plenty opportunity to practice giving 100% from the start gate to the finish line.

Don’t forget that we will also have a Club Race Social on Feb 15th, where we will also ensure that we are sharing information about Whistler Cup, particularly for those who are new to the event, or moving up from U14 to U16.

In order concentrate our collective efforts and time, this social will also serve as the volunteer appreciation for the club race this weekend, the upcoming U14 races and the speed camp net-set. Therefore there will be no socials on Feb 1st and 8th as previously planned.

A huge thanks again to all of our volunteers who tirelessly, and selflessly make ski racing possible. The amount of time and effort that you put in on-hill, off-hill and behind the scenes is truly inspirational and motivational. To our unsung heros, thank you!

Mark Tilston

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