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Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Nov 27 2021 at 11:46AM PST in 2021-2022

Month of Listening

Dear Families,

We have come to the close of our Month of Listening. Over the last 30 days, well a little over, we’ve heard from a handful of you over a range of issues. Please find below a summary of what was sent in:

On hill safety – Ensuring the staff are knowledgeable of the mountain and capable of managing athletes through the varied terrain and conditions.

On hill behaviour – Our teams are very visible and with this our actions are under a microscope. A few instances were shared with us to highlight this fact, requesting we take care and be vigilant to lead by example. Living and embodying the Teamship values were highlighted several times.

Program Accessibility – This comment was in reference to our U12 programming and how we can work on affordability and accessibility for more local families.

Covid mitigation – There were a number of comments expressing a range of perspectives regarding our Covid-19 situation, vaccines and how they relate to our operations. Thank you to everyone for this valuable feedback as they helped us build our latest vaccine policy.

Good summer programming – We received a few notes from families happy with the dryland camps and programming run over the summer. Also, in there some constructive feedback to improve upon what was done. Thanks for those who shared specifics details, this really helps.

Being emotionally supportive in our coaching – This has been a growing feedback theme over the last few years. We heard from a good number of people about the importance of listening to the athletes and being aware of them as they go through the development process. These notes were talking about things like anxiety, nerves around racing, being attentive to little injuries, and helping groups of kids work together.

Coaching the whole team, while understanding the individuals goals – These feedback notes cautioned around favouritism and giving coaching attention based on speed, talent, or results. Rather then this, we’re encouraged to get to know everyone on the team and work for the unique goals each kid shares.

All of this feedback offers greats insight into you the membership and what is valued from our programming. We will continued to engage throughout to season and if anyone wishes to leave anonymous feedback moving forward, I have added a hyperlink in my email signature to click on if you have any.

Thank you everyone for participated in this Month of Listening exercise and we look forward to being back on snow.




Sea to Sky Pass New Pricing | Child $381 + Tax / Youth $397 + Tax **

New pricing for the Sea to Sky Pass are in effect now until middle of November. **These prices and deadlines are subject to change, so purchase yours now!

To qualify, athletes must be registered to a 21/22 Winter program.

To purchase:

  1. Update your online account with a valid credit card
  2. Accept Epic Coverage Terms and Conditions *
  3. Forward an Email providing the member’s full name and date of birth.
  4. When sending an email, please ensure the purchaser indicates acceptance of Terms & Conditions.
  5. Confirm the last 4 digits of the credit card on account.

Epic Coverage Terms and Conditions

*Your purchase of this pass product is also subject to the Terms and Conditions for Epic Coverage available on Your election to proceed with this purchase indicates your acceptance of Epic Coverage Terms and Conditions

FIS World Cup Ski Racing | Starts Sunday October 24 in Solden, AUT

The Alpine Ski World Cup starts this weekend with the Giant Slalom in Solden. Follow this link for more information, full calendar and links to watch the races. Cheer on our Canadian Team!

2021/2022 Alpine Skiing World Cup


Pre-Season Camp | Deadlines Approaching | Register Now!

It is very exciting to be organizing this event and to get back on the road after many months. If you and your athlete(s) have made the decision to attend, please register now!

U12 Sun Peaks Pre-Season Camp| Nov 19-24
U14 Sun Peaks Pre-Season Camp | Nov 19-24
U14 Panorama Pre-Season Camp |Nov 17 – 27
U16 Panorama Pre-Season Camp | FULL | Nov 13- 27
U16 Panorama Pre-Season Camp | HALF| Nov 13-21
FIS Panorama Pre-Season Camp | PART1| Nov 8 – 21
FIS Panorama Pre-Season Camp | EXTENSION| Nov 21 – 27