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Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Mar 12 2021 at 03:30PM PST in 2020-2021 Season

A few dates for your calendar!

Remember, daylight saving time changes this Sunday, March 14

Rob Boyd Bursary | Nominations deadline Wednesday, March 31st

The ‘Rob Boyd Bursary’ is awarded annually, to the next seasons U18 athletes, making current 2nd year U16’s eligible for the award as well.

Now in it’s 3rd year, Rob has generously increased the bursary to $3000. Split between 3 deserving athletes, the bursary will be credited to their WMSC account. In time, as the fund grows, additional bursaries may be awarded.

Candidates should embody the ‘WMSC Teamship Values’ and include (but not limited to):

Passion for the sport – ski racing as well as knowledge/skills/desire to ski all aspects of the mountains.
Sportsmanship – showing positive attitude, assisting fellow athletes and appreciation for officials/volunteers (on or off the slopes).
Be a role model/mentor/ambassador for the sport (yet perhaps have a bit of a wild side?!?).
Work ethic – arrive early, stay late (to take one or two more runs – off piste?), show a willingness to assist coaches, collect/transport training equipment and gear when necessary
Show potential and desire to be successful in racing, and when appropriate, give back to the sport.
Nominations should be submitted by teammates or coaches directly to the WMSC Bursaries Committee at explaining why the individual should be considered for this award. Submissions should be in letter form and include anecdotes or examples that exemplify the individuals’ character and/or actions deserving of recognition and support.

Dave Murray and Jordan Schick Bursaries | Nominations deadline Wednesday, March 31st

All 2nd year U16 to U21 Athletes who are enrolling to 2021-2022 WMSC season are eligible to receive any of the WMSC Bursaries. These are financial awards which can be applied to further your participation in pre-season camps and races. Rob Boyd, Dave Murray and Jordan Schick set an example in the Ski Racing community and it is in this spirit that we are pleased to honor them with these bursaries.

The purpose of the WMSC bursaries is to support, promote, encourage and sponsor WMSC Teamship Values, sportmanship, leadership and passion for ski racing. These bursaries recognize U16 to U21 athletes who exemplify these qualities.

Dave Murray Bursary – Dave Murray is well known as one of the Crazy Canucks! He ski raced in the same hills as our athletes race today. He left us a legacy: The Dave Murray Bursary of $750 and plaque or trophy awarded to one racer, either gender.

Nominations will be made by coaches for 2nd year U16 athletes moving to U18, U18 or U21 racers with financial need, committed to the the sport; that shows athletic ability and potential to rise in alpine ski racing.

Jordan Schick Bursary of $750 and plaque will be awarded to one racer, either gender

The family of Jordan Schick awards this bursary to a racer at WMSC in Jordan’s memory. Jordan lost his life in a car accident while he was a WMSC racer.

Nominations will be made by Coaches and the bursary will be awarded to one racer in the 2nd year U16 moving to U18, U18 or* U21* program

For specific details and criteria, please visit WMSC Awards and Bursaries

World Cup Corner by Roman Torn

This weekend the women slowed it down, skiing slalom and GS in Slovakia while the men put on the long skis after a couple weeks off in Saalbach, Austria.

Women’s SL Jansa, Slovakia

Home country hero Petra Vlhova does a great job skiing at home but just misses the top of the podium. Shiffrin skis a very fast 2nd run bottom section from the last flush down to the finish and captures “another” well-deserved Slalom win. Her 45th!

1st Run

2nd Run

Great skiing.

Canadian Laurence ST-GERMAIN with a good race finishing 10th

Ali Nullmeyer 22nd

Erin Mielzynski 24th

Women’s GS , Jansa Slovakia

2nd Run

After just missing out in the Slalom, Vlhova pulls out a great win at home in the GS!

Alice Robinson had a crushing second run, coming from behind and placing 2nd. Watch it at 33:19.

Canadian Cassidy Gray 27th

Men’s Downhill Saalbach Austria

There was supposed to be two Downhills but the first race on Friday was stopped after nine racers due to thick fog and heavy snowfall. Bummer for Dominic Paris who was leading at the time. Second race went off with good weather although softer conditions than we have seen in the past couple speed races.

Can you spot where Fuez lost .71 hundreds and the race in the first turn? Look carefully at how much he belly’s out the first left hander and the extra distance he travels compared to Kriechmayr. Was that it?

Top Canadian Jeffery Reid 23rd

WMSC Alumni

Brodie Seger 26th

Broderick Thompson 40th

James Crawford 43rd

Men’s Super G Saalbach Austria

Dominating Winning run: If you want to win a World Cup, this is how you do it. Get use to seeing this name at the top of the leader board for years to come.

Top Canadian Jeffery Reid 19th

Broderick Thompson 24th

Sorry I could not find coverage of the entire SGS race. If anyone has sources of other race video streams, please pass them onto me.

Mackenzie Top Peak Contest | $50,000 grant

“Mackenzie Investments is searching for Canada’s Top Peak – the one ski club that is a little bit more invested in the people, the place and the sport you love.”

The winner of this contest will be granted a prize of $50,000, to be invested back into their community. This is an opportunity for us to highlight our amazing and inspiring WMSC program. Creating awareness and participation through social media, as well as joining our Top Peak Team, Whistler Mountain Ski Club will earn us points, inching us towards the Mackenzie Investments reward.

We encourage athletes, coaches, parents and volunteers to use the hashtag Top Peak WMSC (#TopPeakWMSC) and Mackenzie Top Peak Contest (#MackenzieTopPeakContest) when posting on social media.

Don’t forget to register for our team here. Happy posting!

Extra Training Days | Available Thursdays-Saturday | Registration Opens on Sunday late afternoon and Closes Tuesdays at midnight

Extra training days are available as below and are subject to availability. Pricing U12-U14 $75/day and U16-U21 $80/day.

❖ U12 Sunday Athletes can sign up for Fridays and/or Saturdays

❖ U12 Core Athletes can sign up for Fridays

❖ U14-U21 Core Athletes can sign up for Thursdays and/or Fridays

❖ U14-U21 Core Plus Athletes can sign up for Thursdays

SIGN UP U12 | U14 | U16 | U21


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