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Come Celebrate!

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After 17 months, our first BBQ! Come and join us at the Club Cabin! | Saturday, July 24th 1pm

Two of our top Canadian Ski Racers, Brodie Seger and Jack Crawford, will submit themselves to a Q&A about their World Championship 4th place performances and to some roasting from our Executive Director.

Take the chance to meet Mike Janyk and re-connect with our ski families. BOD members will be also in attendance if you have any questions for them.

This event is open to all athletes, members and alumni. Come, have a burger, drink, mingle and celebrate with us.

Health safety reminder – please join only if feeling well and free from any symptoms.


Safe Sport – A discussion about maltreatment

The athletic journey can be one of self-discovery, social connection, physical health and enjoyment. It is a unique opportunity to cultivate positive values, grow natural talents, develop new skills, and experience a world we may only dream is possible. For most kids in sport, it’s an overwhelmingly positive experience to work with coaches and teammates, but for some, and here any number is too high, participating in sport is damaging and has a negative impact on their lives. I’m speaking of maltreatment. Maltreatment is a behaviour that is executed deliberately, even if well intended, that is harmful or has the potential to be harmful to the recipient. Maltreatment is an umbrella term that is but not limited to, abuse, assault, neglect, harassment, bullying, hazing, and discrimination. Maltreatment can be carried out as a pattern of behaviour that is experienced over time or it can be one single, serious, and harmful incident. Maltreatment is not an accidental injury within sport.

As sport evolves, we in alpine skiing are growing too. Starting this season, club members and those involved in ski racing across the country, will be required to complete Safe Sport training to volunteer in events. The program was launched last season as mandatory training for coaches and is invaluable for growing our abilities to recognize maltreatment in sport. Allison Forsyth, a WMSC alumni has being at the forefront of this movement in advocating and working for change within our systems. Last month she gave an interview on the Leave your Mark podcast, where she is open about her experience extreme maltreatment of sexual abuse as a ski racer, educates on how to recognize signs before it happens and shares tools we can put in place for systemic change. I encourage all parents to listen with your kids, click here to do so and have a conversation about what is learned.

​Everyone has a role to play in this pursuit of making sport a healthy and thriving environment for all participants. To take the Safe Sport training (1hour interactive online course), please visit and follow through the prompts. You will have to create a locker account for yourself to complete and the training free of charge. For those interested on the Universal code of conduct, please click here to see the document and as a general reminder, there is the independent third party Canadian sport helpline to call with any concerns, reports or questions. Within the club, myself or any board member can be called to report any maltreatment and we remain vigilant to create an environment of trust where you feel safe to do so.

I look forward to evolving this conversation and please reach out with any feedback, questions or concerns.


Mike Janyk

Ps, please find below sign up for next week’s adventure camp, info on program fees and the celebration of champions.Safe Sport

U12-FIS Adventure Camp 2 | July 19-24 | Registration deadline, Sunday, July 18

We still have spots available for this camp! Register now!

Our Coaches have put together an amazing camp full of adventure, fun activities and team-building workouts. Visit the registration page to view the calendar and more details

Water Rafting
Biathlon Shooting
Triathlon : Paddle board, run and bike
Wall climbing, and more

U12 | U14 | U16 | FIS


Celebration with Champions | Saturday, July 24th 1pm

Our first club social in over a year! On Saturday, July 24th we will be gathering to celebrate the world championship 4th place results of Brodie Seger and Jack Crawford. This event is open to all athletes and members, come for 1pm, have a burger, drink, mingle and join us in welcoming our Whistler Mountain ski club alumni home as they currently race on the world cup for team Canada. Have your sharpies ready


Location: Whistler Mountain ski club

Date/Time: Saturday July 24th at 1pm

Health safety reminder – please join only if feeling well and free from any symptoms.


2021 – 2022 WMSC Program Fees and Donations to BCASF are now ready for online payment | Full payment due on Sunday October, 31

The 2021/22 program fees are now posted on our website and available for viewing. One note to highlight is a change in the FIS/U21 program fee structure. For FIS/U21 we’ve moved to a year round and in season model with the goal to incentivize and reward commitment while freeing the coaches up to offer better programming. The two day Core option remains in place to maintain athlete accessibility. More details can be found on the website for this and all programs.

If you are planning to make a donation to the Developing Champions Fund (BCASF) through Sport BC, please contact the office prior to making any payment on your Active Racer Account online. Donations deadline is Thursday, September 30th

Please, also review and accept our WMSC policies and submit the WMSC Registration Forms (Athlete Code of Conduct, Teamship Value, Medical disclosure and Respect in Sport) by November 1st or prior to any on snow training.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or

U12 | U14 | U16 | FIS


Let yourself be inspired!

Where do you find your inspiration from? What motivates you?

​When you think about your aspirations, what you want to do and who you want to be, there are often others who have come before you. People have blazed trails, taken risks, dared to dream and even though their results may look different, the spirit to bring them out is the same. Inspiration can come from a parent, a friend, role model, art, music, nature, or a book, wherever you find it, whenever you feel it, this is a gift. Inspiration is a spark that can just be enjoyable in the moment or if nurtured, can grow into a fire of enthusiasm.

On Saturday July 24th, we will be hosting our first social in a while and doing it in celebration of Jack Crawford and Brodie Seger’s Top 5 performances from last season’s World Championships in Cortina, Italy. Along with their fellow ACA teammates Broderick Thompson, Asher Jordan, Kyle and Cam Alexander, Marielle Thompson, Mollie Jepsen and Riley Seager, these athletes show us what’s possible and embody qualities we wish to grow. So next time you feel a little flint of inspiration, stay with the sensation, be curious a little longer cause and see if you learn something new. Maybe you’ll find yourself taking leaps you didn’t even know were possible.



​Ps, Join the fitness camps if you can, remember your membership registration and hopefully be seeing more and more of you throughout the summer.

2021-2022 WMSC Membership Registration | Deadline Sunday, October 31st

WMSC and BC Alpine Membership renewals and new members registration is now open until Sunday, October 31st.

To participate in any of our Fitness sessions, Fitness Camps or pre-season camps; your Family Membership, BC Alpine Fees and Racer Accounts must be current.

U12 | U14 | U16 Register Now
FIS | Register Now

Winter Program Calendars and Pricing will be published later in July.


July Fitness Camps | Camp # 1 July 5-9 | Adventure Camp # 2 – July 19-23

U12 – FIS July Summer Camps are open for registration. To view all the details, schedules and registration please visit: | Programs | Select your age program (U12-FIS) | Summer Fitness Camps


Celebration with Champions | Saturday, July 24 – 1 pm

Join us on Saturday, July 24th for a BBQ at the ski club in celebration of WMSC alumni Jack Crawford and Brodie Seger’s World championship 4th place results. It’s a wooden spoon party ;) There will be drinks and food, bring your questions for our special guests.


FIS Saas Fee, Switzerland Camp | August 19-Sep 09

We have received a lot of interest on this trip. To secure your spot, please register and pay a deposit of $500.

The trip is capped at 10 athletes plus 2 on wait list. Registration will be on first come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to athletes enrolled to a WMSC Winter Program. Family Membership, FIS BC Alpine Fees and Racer Accounts must be current.

For more information or specific details contact your FIS Lead Coach, Richard Jagger at

Pay Deposit


COVID-19 Update – Phase 3 – July 1st

Today we are easing off on some of protocols and restrictions at the Club Cabin

Masks are optional for athletes and coaches fully vaccinated
Gym and Studio capacities have increased
Indoor workouts have returned to normal, no restrictions of intensities.
Capacity for outdoor activities is back to normal within our coach:athlete ratio limit
Some protocols will remain to support the health and safety of our staff and members:

Daily Health Checks are mandatory
Stay home if feeling sick and remain home for 14 days if experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms
Sanitize hands upon entering and exiting any training facilities, with soap or hand sanitizer
Sanitize the equipment and facilities used during fitness training
We would like to thank each of you for all your support and compliance during the last 16 months. You are an essential part of all the efforts that allow us to move forwards into Phase 4 and, what we hope, a racing season.


The Power of Multi-Sport by Mike Janyk

Every off season opens new opportunities for kids to explore different sports, interests, and avenues of play. Within our sport’s long term athletic development model (LTAD), multi-sport plays a key role in young athlete’s growth, whether it’s joining a track team, soccer, biking or field hockey, playing a series of different activities builds a variety of complementary skill sets, allows for excitement to grow when returning their primary sport and keeps it fun. The aim is to shape our programs to support multi-sport athletes while providing strong dryland that instills fundamental movements, mental skills and team building.

​As athletes mature through their ski racer journey, they will slowly gravitate to a more specialize approach, around 16 years old, where skiing becomes their main focus. I was 17 when I finally let go of baseball, the last sport other than skiing I played throughout my development. With all of this, its important to know your own child and their desires. In an article from 2008, Wayne Gretzky spoke about the value of multi-sport and in it made the key comment, “First of all, I think every kid is different. Some kids can play all day, all year like Gordie Howe….” “… but in most cases, it’s important for kids to play other sports…”

​Whatever path your kid is inspired to do, keep us in the loop. If they are active in other sports or if skiing is their main passion and keen for it all, talk to your coaches, let us know and we can build dryland programs to support this. As we come to better know ourselves, what inspires us and where we find joy, then a powerful partnership can take place to elevate each other towards our goals.


Mike Janyk

Ps. Reminders to complete your membership registration by July 1st to participate in club activities and sign up for our July dryland camp #1. I’ll be coaching the U16s camp so you know it’s going to be fun

2021-2022 WMSC and BC Alpine Membership Registration is Open | closes on Sunday, October 31

WMSC and BC Alpine Membership renewals and new members registration is now open until Sunday, October 31st.

To participate in any of our Fitness sessions, Fitness Camps or pre-season camps; your Family Membership, BC Alpine Fees and Racer Accounts must be current.

U12 | U14 | U16 Register Now
FIS | Register Now

Winter Program Calendars and Pricing will be published later in July.


U12 – FIS July Summer Camp #1 Open for Registration | Deadline Friday, July 2nd

Our first Summer Fitness Camp is open for all age groups. Specific details will be emailed to you by your Lead Coach. Register below

U12 – Thur-Fri, July 8 and 9 | $50 | Register
U14- Mon-Fri, July 5-9 | $130 | Register
U16 – Mon-Fri, July 5-9 |$70| Register
FIS – Mon-Fri, July 5-9 | $70| Register


Save the date | FIS Saas Fee, Switzerland Camp | August 19-Sep 09

We are partnering with Banff Alpine Racers for an amazing summer camp for FIS athletes in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Approximately 16 days on snow, 4 recovery days and 2 traveling days. More information will come from your Lead Coach, Richard Jagger

It is a capped at 10 athletes plus 2 on wait list. Registration will open end of July and it will be on first come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to athletes enrolled to a WMSC Winter Program.

Stay tuned!

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e-News June 18 |

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The value of dryland by Michael Janyk

We are all a continuation of the legacy that is the Whistler Mountain ski club, expressing its values in our own unique ways. Interwoven in this, is the element of athletic development which is highlighted in the goals you’ve chosen to pursue. These could be to enjoy being outside, time with friends, doing something fun that you love, improving your own skills, aspiring to achieve a new level or desires of living out a dream in sport. Well, I have good news, all these goals meet together at dryland!

​“Come on! Ya right! Oh sure!” You might be saying to yourself with an eyeroll or two, but dryland is where it all begins. It’s where the whole team comes together, where you can see your friends and develop relationships that move onto the ski hill. Dryland offers a range of activities to enjoy, whether inside or out, a chance to learn a new skill and improve upon ones you already have. Can remember the goals you had from last season or maybe think about ones for the future? We can make deposits towards these at each and every dryland session. If you’ve ever felt sad or disappointed after result in the winter, ask yourself if you put the work in the off season. If you can honestly answer yes, then you’ve earned the right to feel upset. If the answer is no, then there’s no need to feel sad as you know where to improve. Pressure is a privilege and disappointment can be an amazing opportunity to connect with your real desires. By participating in dryland, you’re investing in yourself, preparing your body for the impacts of skiing and ensuring your safety throughout the winter months.

​So come join your teams for any sessions you can make it, online or in person and if you’re busy doing other sports, then kudos to you as multi-sport activities are encouraged as well. Dryland is where the good work happens, a place to spend time with friends, improve your skills and go deeper into your own abilities.

​Thanks to all who have been participating, keep an eye out for our summer dryland camps, and please feel free to reach out to myself or the coaches with questions.

Ps, a little note on program fees and registration, we should have something to share with you by mid July, until then, membership registration is open and thank you for your patience in the process.

U14, U16 and FIS June Dryland Sessions | Mondays and Wednesdays to Sundays

Summer Fitness Programs for athletes on U14, U16 and FIS have started! Please remember that registration, daily health checks and masks are mandatory. We are still running under COVID-19 restrictions. Sign up now!

U14 Summer Fitness SIGNUP
U16 Summer Fitness SIGNUP
FIS Summer Fitness SIGNUP

2021-2022 WMSC Family Membership and BC Alpine Fees | Registration Open

Our Board of Directors and Mike Janyk are finalizing the fees for the Winter Programs for the upcoming season and we expect to publish them in the next few weeks. However, to participate in any of the Summer and Fall Programming, your WMSC Family membership must be renewed and all BC Alpine Fees must be paid. BC Alpine fees include BC Alpine Membership, liability Insurance and competitor licensing. By completing this renewals, we can ensure that both, your athletes and our staff, are properly insured and this will enable us to run any programming.

Register Now (U12-U16)

For new, returning and Alumni FIS athletes, given that the process is different, we have emailed instructions separately; if you didn’t receive our email, please contact the office at


July Dryland Camps | July 5-9 and 19 to 23

We will be running 5-day dryland camps for U14, U16 and FIS and 2-day camp for U12. More details to come from your lead coaches. Book the dates!

July Dryland Camp 1 – July 5th to 9th
July Dryland Camp 2 – July 19th to 24th

In order to participate, your WMSC Family Membership and BC Alpine Fees need to be current.