U16 Update - Feb 13

Posted by Drew Hetherington on Feb 13 2019 at 05:53PM PST in 2018-2019 season

Hello U16 team,

Now back from our trip to Panorama and Kimberley we continue to look ahead to the busy schedule that takes us right to Whistler Cup.
Before all that, please join me in thanking the cook-crew in Kimberley for shopping, prepping, cooking and washing up the entirety of the Kimberley trip. Jen Burns, Joanne Graham and Greg Bay did a tremendous job of keeping us fed and happy. Thanks again!

Panorama was an excellent camp by any standard. Loads of volume plus the entire speed track all to ourselves means that we could concentrate on speed, safety but also inspections and course/line-awareness. It appeared to pay dividends in Kimberley as our team was doing a better job of being on the right line over any others. We also had a ‘nose for the fall line’ as another team’s coach commented on the hill. The prepped meal plan provided by many families over the 4 groups also worked extremely well. I’d like to explore this option more in trips to come.

Kimberley’s promise of SuperG on a developmental track did not disappoint us. The flatter slope than we are used to combined with rolling terrain helped all the BC racers increase their confidence and comfort at speed. It was a nice break from the relentlessness pitch of the DMNTC. With four coaches available on track, our racers had help with inspection and line in every section, and it showed in their skiing. We could also take lots of video which covered most of the course and then have the staff to review with the racers effectively. The temps were below what we are normally used to, but with the warming hut right at the start gate and some well-placed medical tape on the face we managed alright.
p=. You can view the 2nd race day here on

What’s Next:
This week’s training is two GS Thurs/Fri on Whistler followed by two SL days Sat/Sun on Blackcomb.
Please check in on the Calendar on our website.

Next Week is Enquist SL at Mt. Seymour (Feb 23rd and 24th)
2 days of Slalom racing! Please let me know ASAP if you plan to attend this event. Registration and trip sheet will be available on the website shortly. Volunteers can sign up at and receive a free lift ticket.

Westerns at Panorama: (Feb 27-Mar 4)
Back to hard snow and great race track against the Western Canadian field. Most of you have communicated your attendance to Richard or myself. Richard will be leading this trip. If you have not been in contact with him about your attendance, please email him immediately
Trip Sheet and online registration will be posted shortly.

Parsons Memorial Speed Event (Mar 7-10)
Two days of SuperG training followed by 2 days of SuperG, one afternoon SL Sunday) racing on our own hill.
Volunteers can sign up
Trip Sheet and online registration coming.
p=. A reminder that training in Whistler/Blackcomb will always be provided during away races and events.

Drew H
U16 LC
604 935 9396