WMSC U18/U21 Program Update - February 24-March 3

Posted by Conrad Pridy on Feb 24 2020 at 09:35PM PST in 2019-2020 Season

Good Evening U18/U21 Team,

Action Items:
1) If you need a ride to Grouse tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb. 25) – Contact Conrad (
2) If you will not be racing ALL races at Grouse (3 starts, Wed-Fri) – Contact Conrad (
3) If you require training during the GS Races in Whistler (Sat, Sun) – Contact Conrad (

Incoming is a quick update almost solely pertaining to the upcoming week. Below, you will find information about Grouse FIS Races, GS FIS Races in Whistler, and Training during the week. If any of these topics apply to you, please read to the end. Here we go:

Grouse FIS Series – Lots of Turns to kick things off
First things first, thank you (almost) all for finding and organizing transport and accommodation to and from the Grouse Races this week. It makes things a lot simpler and a lot more affordable, and the comfort of home cooking and a better-than-hotel-quality bed will definitely pay off by the time we get to the end of the series. That said, if you still require a ride to Grouse, we will be leaving the Club Cabin at 2:00pm. Currently signed up for a ride down is: Kosuke, Ryuji, Maaya, Lisa, Freya, Jorge, and Pablo which means there are only 2 seats remaining. If you need one of these, please let me know ASAP so we don’t leave without you.

Logistically, this Race Series will be a little tough to keep consistent with our others. Changes you can expect are: Video, to be done via tablet on hill either between runs or after the races; Meeting and Schedule, to be sent via email following Team Captain’s Meeting each night; Fitness, to be done on your own off the hill. Everything else will run business as usual in the morning and on hill.

Whistler FIS Series, Part 1 – Homefield Advantage in a Marathon-sized Package
Entries are in and we are all systems go for our annual crack at racing at home. Days will proceed along as close to the same post-ski schedule as we are used to from training. There will be Video and Fitness at the Club after skiing every day, as well as Video review via Tablet on hill. We will have a team meeting every afternoon following Fitness, and then the schedule for the next day will be sent to you all via email that evening. We were planning/hoping to be able to have morning warm-up and Team Breakfast at the Club before early load but that will NOT be happening this time around as the only early load option is the Fitz Chair in the village… It’s possible we’ll be able to get it up and running during the speed portion of the series, so stay tuned.

Training During the Races – A Chance to Role Model and Work on Your Stuff
We will have the entirety of the U18/U21 Staff working the GS so our own training environment will be non-existent, however, the U16 team will be training on Blackcomb (Gandy) and are happy to have us work in with them. If you are not planning on Racing the GS FIS Races, please let me know ( so we can get things figured out and get you the plan. We are also happy to have anyone not racing the GS present on Whistler to support the Team and keep the stoke up with all your Teammates.

As we move into the role of Hometown Heroes and Hosts, our U18/U21 Teamship Value for the next two weeks is:
Excellence in Reputation – I am Supportive and Thankful. We’re all in this together. The more we can support each other, the stronger, more resilient, more engaged we will all be. It was more than enjoyable to watch the way you all stuck around to cheer during our Race Sim Cup SL the other day, and it looked completely natural. The lifeblood of these races is the volunteer core (most of them are your parents) and the only pay they ask for is a little recognition. Let’s make a point of thanking the volunteers whenever we can this week because, let’s face it, it’s the least we can do.

Hot on the heels of one of our best training blocks yet, we’re as race ready as we’ve ever been. The bakery’s open, let’s get that bread!

See you tomorrow afternoon,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


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