U18/U21 Arrival Update - Kimberley Speed

Posted by Conrad Pridy on Jan 26 2020 at 10:58PM PST in 2018-2019 season

Good evening U18/U21 Team,

We have arrived in Kimberley safely, but in more pieces than we started with. I’ll explain:

The drive from the Coast to the Kootenay’s is a popular one for WMSC athletes. We make the trip numerous times every season, in all manner of weather, and very rarely run into any unforeseen issues. Except for when the destination shifts a few more kilometers East to a small logging/mining town turned speed venue. We’ve tried the South route through the city and Crowsnest Pass, we’ve taken our tried and tested Northbound route over Roger’s Pass, we’ve even taken a week-long voluntary layover in Rossland before finishing the drive; no matter the path, it seems Kimberley always finds a way to amplify the feelings of relief that come with “exciting” travel days and late arrivals.

Staying true to tradition, today delivered on what should have been our expectation, given the name of the trip, in the form of two VERY flat trailer tires. Correction, one very flat tire and one wheel covered in rubber strands of shrapnel resembling what possibly could have been a tire at one point in time. According to the forensic report, somewhere between Sicamous and Revelstoke we blew a shoe on the passenger side of the trailer, resulting in a slow disintegration of the rubber into oblivion. While there were no witnesses, it appears the second tire on the passenger side put up a good fight to carry the load, but ultimately succumbed to the crushing weight imbalance and deflated trying to be a hero.

A 3-hour time penalty on an already long drive is never welcomed with open arms, but the Team mobilized quickly and efficiently to acquire a second replacement tire and swap the fresh rubber onto the trailer. For a hot minute, we looked more like a recreational Formula-1 Pit Crew than a stranded Ski Team. If anyone is curious, no, having 20 people work together to swap two tires over does not make the process happen any faster, but it does make it a heck of lot more enjoyable. The new tires have been a great addition to the Team so far, getting us into the Trickle Creek parking lot incident-free and only a little bit behind schedule.

The Team is unpacked, checked-in, well fed, and most likely fast asleep in preparation for Day-1 of our Speed block tomorrow. A huge thank you to Laura and Hayden Harley for keeping tabs on us and greeting us with a delicious meal as we walked in the doors of the hotel. Literal lifesavers.

The plan for tomorrow is to stock up on groceries of our own before heading out for a little high-speed freeski, followed by a few runs of GS to get moving before DH training begins! Conditions look awesome and it’s only -4. Here we go (fast).

Updates to follow,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


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