WMSC's U16 at Red Mountain

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Feb 21 2020 at 04:01PM PST in 2018-2019 season

Historic Red Mountain was the site for round two of the U16 Teck Open series. Two days of Super G training followed by 3 SG races for each gender meant for a busy weekend but all athletes were excited to strap on the long boards for the first speed races of the season.

There were some weather challenges for the first 3 days but day 4 was absolutely perfect with bluebird skies and an excellent race surface that held up right to the final racer. Race organizers did a fantastic job squeezing in 4 races on the final day and everyone left Red Mountain with a smile on their faces.

Whistler Mountain Ski Club athletes had excellent results with Sara Stiel leading the charge winning all three races on the girls side. Grouse Tyee Ski Club member Dylan Stevens won all 3 races on the boys side with no fewer than 5 WMSC boys in the top-10 in each of the races.

Ladies SG
1 Sara Steil (WMSC)
2 Talyn Lorimer (SPAC)
3 Jamie Robinson (Vernon)
4 Ella Mills (Vernon)
5 Mila Plavsic (Grouse)
6 Lauren Clancy (Vernon)
7 Isabella Vockeroth Fisher (RedMt)
8 Ella Kaufmann (WMSC)
9 Gaia Fameli (Cypress)
10 Sienna Blaser (Apex)

Mens SG
1 Dylan Stevens (Grouse)
2 Euan Currie (SPAC)
3 Milan Novak (WMSC)
4 Sam Fuller (WMSC)
5 Oliver Young (Vernon)
6 Sascha Gilbert (WMSC)
7 Micah Schwertlich (SPAC)
8 Felix Shorter (WMSC)
9 Duncan Ross (WMSC)
10 Reed Kelly (Revi)

Ladies SG Race #1
1 Sara Steil (WMSC)
2 Talyn Lorimer (SPAC)
3 Mila Plavsic (Grouse)
4 Lucy Leishman (Nelson)
5 Ella Mills (Vernon)
6 Nora Sidjak (Revi)
7 Ashley Perron (WMSC)
8 Samantha Lawlor (Apex)
9 Jasmine Brenton (KAT)
10 Gaia Fameli (Cypress)

Mens SG Race #1
1 Dylan Stevens (Grouse)
2 Sam Fuller (WMSC)
3 Milan Novak (WMSC)
4 Sascha Gilbert (WMSC)
5 Kaleb Barnum (Fernie)
6 Graem Eder (Grouse)
7 Jack Thomas (WMSC)
8 Felix Shorter (WMSC)
9 Oliver Young (Vernon)
10 Duncan Ross (WMSC)

Ladies SG Race #2
1 Sara Steil (WMSC)
2 Lucy Leishman (Nelson)
3 Shayna Little (BigWhite)
4 Joy Atalla (Fernie)
5 Isabella Vockeroth (RedMt)
6 Laura Keogh (WMSC)
7 Mila Plavsic (Grouse)
8 Senna Kenny (Nelson)
9 Nora Sidjak (Revi)
10 Lily Irish (Grouse)

Mens SG Race #2
1 Dylan Stevens (Grouse)
2 Kaleb Barnum (Fernie)
3 Sam Fuller (WMSC)
4 Sascha Gilbert (WMSC)
5 Felix Shorter (WMSC)
6 Nilan Novak (WMSC)
7 Jack Thomas (WMSC)
8 Max Gainey (Apex)
9 Oliver Young (Vernon)
10 Teigan Lenzi (Revi)


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