Broderick Thompson, WMSC Alumni helps at U14 Teck Coast Zone GS race on February 8-9

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Feb 20 2020 at 02:16PM PST in 2018-2019 season

Sunshine and clear skies were the conditions for the second round of the U14 Teck Coast Zone GS Race held in Whistler on February 8 and 9th.

Athletes from Whistler, Grouse, Seymour and Cypress competed on 2 races: one GS run on Saturday and on Sunday a two-run combined timed GS race.

We want to thank all the volunteers that made the weekend possible and such a great experience for everyone.

What do WMSC coaches have to say:
“This weekend’s U14 zone race was an exceptional display of youth ski racing. Racing on a tough venue, our athletes pushed themselves out of their comfort zone yielding many personal best results. Best of all was how the WMSC athletes carried themselves through the weekend showing what an exceptional young group of people they are. Big shout out to WMSC Alumnus, Broderick Thompson, for coming out and helping with the races this weekend. Giving back to youth sport during his return from injury was very positive for our group!” Henry Yeigh, U14 WMSC Lead Coach

“The kids had a tremendous weekend racing on the Dave Murray National Training Center, for many it was their first time running a full length GS this year! Blue skies, low temps and tremendous snow conditions allowed for a great event. As coaches, we were very impressed with the level of racing throughout the weekend and the fantastic attitude displayed by the entire WMSC team. The volunteers provided us with an incredible race environment and to all those that helped, we say a massive thank you”. Bob Armstrong, U14 WMSC Ladies Head Coach


Saturday Event: Race 1 GS
|1| Stella Buchheister (WMSC)
|2| Maeve Pretty (Grouse)
|3| Brooke Irish (Grouse)
|4| Tessa Wang (Grouse)
|5| Marlo Parkhill (WMSC)
|6| Lola Gilbert (WMSC)
|7| Hannah Jensen (WMSC)
|8| Erica Zander (Cypress)
|9| Madeline Wardle (WMSC)
|10| Mia Aiello (WMSC)

|1| Thomas Legg (WMSC)
|2| Joseph Gibbons (WMSC)
|3| Braden Aitken (WMSC)
|4| Ihsan Salari (Cypress)
|5| Nick Kokot (Seymour)
|6| Pearce Manning Avini (Grouse)
|7| Archie Clarke (WMSC)
|8| Maxim Akbulatov (WMSC)
|9| Ian Sinclair (WMSC)
|10| Benjamin Gold (Grouse)

Saturday, Race 2 GS
|1| Stella Buchheister (WMSC)
|2| Lola Gilbert (WMSC)
|3| Maeve Pretty (Grouse)
|4| Tessa Wang (Grouse)
|5| Vanessa Young (WMSC)
|6| Hannah Jensen (WMSC)
|7| Sophia Cross (WMSC)
|8| Erica Zander (Cypress)
|9| Olivia Imregi (WMSC)
|10| Marlo Parkhill (WMSC)

|1| Joseph Gibbons (WMSC)
|1| Thomas Legg (WMSC)
|3| Thomas Hung (Grouse)
|4| Braden Aitken (WMSC)
|5| Ihsan Salari (Cypress)
|6| Malcolm Elvidge (Grouse)
|7| Archie Clark (WMSC)
|8| Pearce Manning Avini (Grouse)
|9| Nick Kokot (Seymour)
|10| Kekai Chalmers (WMSC)

Sunday, Race 3
|1| Maeve Pretty (Grouse)
|2| Lola Gilbert (WMSC)
|3| Vanessa Young (WMSC)
|4| Tessa Wang (Grouse)
|5| Sophia Cross
|6| Erica Zander (Cypress)
|7| Carys Griffin (WMSC)
|8| Olivia Imregi (WMSC)
|9| Marlo Parkhill (WMSC)
|10| Madeline Wardle (WMSC)

|1| Joseph Gibbons
|2| Ihsan Salari (Cypress)
|3| Braden Aitken (WMSC)
|4| Ian Sinclair (WMSC)
|5| Callum Elburn (Grouse)
|6| Pearce Manning Avini (Grouse)
|7| Finn Lamb (WMSC)
|8| Addyson Kuss (Grouse)
|9| George Sarkis (WMSC)
|10| Kekai Chalmers (WMSC)


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