WMSC Club Culture / Respect in Sport Reminder

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club on Jan 27 2019 at 09:08PM PST in 2018-2019 season

WMSC Club Culture / Respect in Sport Reminder

Building on December’s Kick-off Meeting, Whistler Mountain Ski Club is continuing its drive to enhance and develop the positive culture that our athletes need to grow and succeed as “Champions in Life and in Sport”. The foundation of the WMSC Club Culture lies in our Teamship Values, and one of the key tools to reinforce the positive culture is Respect in Sport.

WMSC Teamship Values
The Club’s Teamship Values – Excellence in Behaviour, Effort, Communication and Reputation – are now posted prominently in the lobby of the Club Cabin.

Over the coming weeks the Club will be discussing these Teamship Values in detail with our athletes as well as parents, through direct sessions as well as by email. We recognize that the WMSC Club Culture is a product of parents as well as coaches, and we strongly encourage all parents and athletes to give these discussions the fulsome consideration that they merit.

Excellence in Behaviour – Respect Others, Feedback, Equipment, Time and Effort
Excellence in Effort – Uphold the High Standard and be Engaged, Positive, Focussed and Open
Excellence in Communication – Communicate Positively, Constructively, Honestly and Politely
Excellence in Reputation – Be a Role Model, Positive, Accountable, Supportive and Proud

Respect in Sport Online Parent Module
A key component our effort to foster a positive Club Culture is the Respect in Sport for Parents online course. Respect in Sport has been adopted by many of Canada’s leading athletic youth clubs, at both the local and provincial levels and across numerous disciplines such as hockey, soccer and volleyball. The course reinforces your role as parents in your child‘s activities, encouraging positive behaviours through effective communication and enthusiastic support. The feedback from parents who have completed the course has been overwhelmingly positive. Many parents, however, have not yet completed the course.

Parents are reminded that completion of the course is mandatory for all parents for athletes to continue to participate in club activities. The deadline for parents to complete the Respect in Sport for parents module has been extended to February 8th, 2019. The module is located at The cost of the program is $12 and takes approximately one hour to complete. The Club requires that each parent take the course.

Athletes whose parents who have not competed the Respect in Sport for Parents online course by February 8th, 2019 may no longer be eligible to participate in the club’s on-snow activities.

We are sure that all parents share in our desire to provide the best possible environment for our children, and will do their part to take WMSC’s Club Culture to new heights.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of
John Legg, Chair