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Good Morning U18/U21 Team,

Last week’s update feels like it was only a few days ago, yet so much has happened in that seemingly short period of time. Let’s catch up on last week’s happenings before getting into what’s coming up:

June Camp 1 – GS mini GS / Panel SL
It all started with an unfavourable weather forecast and narrower-than-normal training space, but try as it might to get us to swing and miss, every curveball the mountain threw at us was hit hard and put into play (baseball analogy if you’re confused). Capitalizing on what was available, the U18/U21 Team banged out 4 days of massive mileage in “mini” GS environments designed to mimic the movement pattern and tactics of actual GS, but at half the space requirement cost. SL skis allowed us to get more “GS” turns in than planned, and cooler temperatures kept the surface workable and educational even at its roughest. It was a BIG week, to say the least, and it’s only the beginning.
Freeski Vertical: 6685m
Runs in Gates: 54
Turn Count: 1449

June Camp 2 – Panel SL / SL
While Mini GS was beneficial and effective, the aforementioned spatial constraints don’t look to be relieved any time soon so we will be switching our focus to Panel SL and SL Gates for Camp 2. The event is live on TeamPages so if you have any questions about the daily schedule please head over there, read through, sign-up! This week you will need all your normal SL Gate-Smashing protective gear and your trusty SL Skis. A note on SL training: When we train SL Gates PLEASE come prepared with your Speed Suit and Shin Guards. There will be no skiing SL Gates in Pants this season. Just a friendly reminder moving forward.

June Camp 3, 4
Most likely you have all caught the repeated “we have limited training space” theme of this update. Those of you who were there this week will have seen it, but for those of you who plan to ski later this month I highly recommend taking another look at your schedule and trying to get up here a week earlier (if you want to ski). We lost a lot of snow during the hot week between May and June, and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Camp 2 will happen, Camp 3 is looking okay, and 4 is a few sunny/rainy days away from being impossible. Not to put any undue pressure on you to ski with school ramping up this month but if you can make it work earlier, you’ll be happy you did.

Fitness Camps
They’re educational, beneficial, FUN, and they’re up for your registering pleasure. If you have the intention of doing any of our Summer Fitness Camps, please head to the Website and sign-up. Nuff’ said.

Keeping with the theme of this Update, and perfectly in-line with the coming week, this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is:
Excellence in Communication – Communicate Positively, Honestly, and Constructively. Whether it’s simple things like Camp Registration or changes to a plan, or on-hill with coaches and teammates, do not be afraid to communicate. This is especially relevant to Feedback from coaches; if you have a focus that’s working for you, please feel free to tell your coaches what your plan is rather than waiting for feedback that might change YOUR plan.

If you are reading this sentence then you’ve successfully navigated and survived this week’s (long) update. See you on the hill!

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


Good Afternoon U18/U21 Team,

It feels like May just blew by! Thank you all for working hard and keeping the focus (some of you for 16 days in a row) through all manner of weather and snow conditions. The miles were many and the improvements substantial; it was a pleasure to be up there every day with such a motivated crew.

Looking forward to the very immediate future, there are a few things on this week’s docket to go over:

June Camp 1 (6th – 9th) – GS Focus
Numbers are in and we are officially a GO for the first of (hopefully) 4 great June T-Bar Camps. After a very successful May that had us focused mainly on Slalom we are shifting gears to the meat and potatoes of Ski Racing: GS. Our Division Calendar will be updated today with an event and more specific details for this camp, but for the time being here is a basic outline:
7:40am – Athletes meet at Village Gondola for Morning Warm-up
8:30am – Coaches and Athletes load Gondola heading up to the T-Bars
9:15am-12:30pm – GS Gates
1:15pm – ETA back in the Village for pick-up
2:30pm-4:00pm – Fitness at the Club Cabin
June Camps take place on the T-Bar only, so freeskiing space will be limited. The Camp plan is to start off with mini-GS (open and offset Panel SL) and work into full-blown GS. You will need to have SL and GS skis at the ready for this camp, although never both in the same day. Please have a look at the TeamPages Event and indicate if you will be attending.

June Camps 2, 3, 4…
While Camp 1 is healthy and thriving, Camps 2-4 are struggling on the attendance side. This is very important: If you have the intention of attending any June Camps PLEASE go to the Website and REGISTER. We have a number of guest teams hoping to join us for these camps but with our current sign-up rate both Camps 3 and 4 are far from a sure thing. These teams need to be given at least one week’s notice if the camps are cancelled, which moves our deadline for registration up. Not to sound like a broken record, but this is an excellent opportunity to train at home and get in some valuable volume on-snow before fitness season kicks in. If you want to ski, let’s make it happen!

Cancellations and Schedule Changes
June Camp 5 – Due to the upcoming (unrelenting hot) forecast and low numbers, Camp 5 has been officially canned. Historically this camp is batting close to 50% so this probably does not come as a surprise to most of you.

October Solden – Unfortunately our trip to Europe in October has been officially cancelled. Current exchange rates are killing us, making this trip very expensive. The experience and travel aspect of going to Europe to ski is definitely worthwhile, but from a dollars-to-turns perspective could not be justified this year. To compare, based on this year’s budget and reconciled trip costs, for the estimated price of 14 days on snow in Europe we could spend the same amount and get 35 days of training in Panorama, or 28 days of training/racing in Quebec. Long story short, we felt that the money and time could be spent much more effectively elsewhere.

If anyone has any questions about any of this news please do not hesitate to get in touch, I am always happy to talk.

As is our custom on these updates, this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is:
Excellence in Behaviour – Respect others, be it teammates or guests or coaches. Respect effort and the fact that everything you are trying to accomplish, on-hill or off, requires it. Respect feedback, from teammates or coaches, and recognize that it is only given with the intention of making improvements.

May is done, long live June!

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

WMSC U18/U21 Program Update - May 20-May 27

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Hello U18/U21 Team,

Spring Camps are in full-swing and going strong with only one more week left to rack up some miles! Here’s a quick recap on this month’s on-snow happenings:

May Camp 1 (May 2 – 5) – Panel SL + GS
Clear skies, sunshine, and an entire mountain to ski on; WMSC athletes were treated to the Spring skiing intro they deserved after a long season of training, travelling, and racing. We did our best to seize the days by re-exploring the entirety of our own backyard and taking things back to basics with a focus on body position and freeskiing. Lift lines were basically non-existent, so mileage was high, as was the focus and motivation. When the warm weather started to turn the snow to mush we switched to Gates and began the transition process of technical freeskiing to gates.
Freeski Vertical: SL-5532m, GS-6014m
Run Count in Gates: SL-22, GS-21
Total Gate Count: SL-660, GS-440

May Camp 2 (May 9 – 12) – Panel SL
The same sunshine we enjoyed in the first camp began to overstay its welcome, wreaking havoc on the alpine and upping the avalanche warning past the point of the Ski Patrol’s control. Losing half of the mountain did affect our gate count slightly, but we made as much lemonade as possible in the form of a wider variety of freeskiing and a few cheeky Park laps. Patience was rewarded and on the last day of the Camp we regained our T-Bars and finished the whole thing on an extreme positive.
Freeski Vertical: SL-17297m
Run Count in Gates: SL-29
Total Gate Count: SL-728

May Camp 3 (May 17 – 20) – Panel SL + SL
Finally, a little rain. Not that we look forward to it, but we always expect a few wet days and Mother nature finally obliged. Challenging? Yes. Productive? Also yes. Starting a Camp with a tough day can be dealt with in multiple ways, we chose the optimistic approach and built a little extra mental toughness alongside the skills and tactics. As usual, optimism paid off and, as the saying goes, “yesterday’s rain is tomorrow’s great surface”. Clouds dispersed, temperatures dropped, and the snow hardened up. Always capitalizing, we put in a GIANT final three days, switching the focus more towards gates and maximum mileage. Conditions were world-class, as was the effort and drive to improve displayed by the athletes.
Freeski Vertical: SL-7941m
Run Count in Gates: SL-40
Total Gate Count: SL-2016

May Camp 4 has all but arrived (starting this Thursday) and June Camps are clearly marked on the not-so-distant horizon. Although weather and snow conditions have thrown us a few curveballs this month we are on-track for one of the biggest and most productive May training blocks yet.

On a different note, this week we will be hosting an ACA Coaching Course which will run alongside our own training. This will not affect the program or schedule, but there will be some additional coaches/unfamiliar faces on-hill who want to ask questions or watch you ski. This group has been intensely focused and hard-working all month, so our guests at this Camp are in for a great learning experience.

Always a priority but even more relevant come Thursday, this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is:
Excellence in Reputation – Be a Role Model, Lead by Example. Even if you do not see yourself as the leader of the team, everything you do to make yourself a more effective athlete/racer/person also makes the team better.

It’s been a heck of a month so far, one more big push before the next big push!

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


For the past 49 years Chris has been involved with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club.
Chris has been able to transfer the knowledge and experience as a racer to coaching with WMSC in the 1970s and then to being a parent, a volunteer and board member.

Chris has worked at the club since 1999 and was the club administrator from 2010 until 2019. Chris has used her knowledge and passion for the athletes and the sport as the driving factor in how she has continued to contribute to the operations of WMSC and she has been instrumental in the development and evolution of the club to where it is just now.

Chris has also run other businesses during the time that she has been involved with the club, and as such she has been able to offer employment for racers in their off-season and many donations for fundraising events.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Chris and she always brings a calm, organized and welcoming presence to the club. Chris, along with her family, have continuously made enormous contributions over the years, and the Parsons speed camp and bursary have undoubtedly been key to the development of so many world class speed skiers coming from the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and BC.

With such an extensive time of involvement in the club, Chris has a connection to so many generations of WMSC athletes, parents and alumni and her contributions go much further than the WMSC. Chris is currently on the Board of the Vancouver Ski Foundation who make a significant contribution to our sport across the province and annually to the Whistler Cup. Even ‘Christine’s’ on Blackcomb is named after Chris!

I cannot thank Chris enough for supporting not only myself and Blanca into the club and showing us the ropes of how the club operates, but for the support that she has given to all athletes, volunteers and staff.

Chris will obviously continue to be involved with the club at special events and of course for the Parsons race.

Chris will be nominated as an honorary Club Member and we will also celebrate Chris’s contributions at the Alumni party in the new year when we will have a strong representation from each generation that Chris has known through her time with the club.

On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank and congratulate Chris for all that she has done for our sport and for what she has achieved in her time with the club and wish her all the best in her next chapter.

Mark Tilston
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

May 3 e-News

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New Season Team Pages switch-over – We have moved all our 2nd year athletes and parents to your new teams. You should receive and invitation soon to join, please do so to have access to your calendars and attendance. Please feel free to contact the office if you are having any issues.

2019 Summer Camps – Registration to summer camps opens on May 15th. Details and pricing are up on our website, please check them out and mark your calendars. All athletes planning to take part on any summer camps must renew their Family membership and enrol to a winter program beforehand. This will ensure that we renew your membership and liability insurance with BC Alpine.

Summer Camps

Ironman Volunteer Captain – Every year we receive a youth grant from Ironman and we run two of their stations at Green Lake. This year we need a new Volunteer Captain to coordinate our shifts and team of volunteers. The only qualification required is your desire to help. There will be a proper hand off and a couple of training sessions before the event- Ironman is on Sunday, July 28. Step up today and contact the office to be our next Volunteer Captain.

Mike Phelps passed away at 71 – The Whistler Mountain Ski Club and Canadian skiing are saddened by the passing of Michael Phelps who was a huge supporter of both the WMSC and ACA. Mike was instrumental in the formation of the Dave Murray National Training Centre and was on the board of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Organising Committee and we will always be grateful for his enormous contribution to our sport.

Our deepest condolences to Mike’s family and friends.

Michael PHELPS Obituary – Toronto, ON | The Globe and Mail