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2019 WMSC Ski SWAP

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This year we will host the SKI SWAP at our WMSC Club Cabin
| 2028 Rob Boyd Way | Creekside

Looking to sell your equipment? Bring your used skis, snowboards, boots, apparel
and racing gear and let us sell them for you. It is easy!

e-News October 3rd

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A message from our Marketing and Sponsorship manager, Bob Armstrong

We hope everyone is as excited, as we all are, for the start of yet another tremendous race season at the Club, our 51st!!

Don’t forget the Ski Swap on Oct 12th at the Club Cabin. It is a great environment to buy and sell your used gear while providing a much-appreciated small contribution to our overall fundraising goals! We will be hosting a bbq with provisions supplied by our partner, Creekside Market.

I would also like to inform you that we have a few valuable sponsorship opportunities still available for the coming season. Your company/brand will visually engage with a client base not only in Whistler but throughout the entire Sea-to-Sky and the province. Our objective for these sponsorships is to raise incremental funds to support enhancements to our programming.

If you have any questions or wish more detailed information, please give me a call. Our deadline for new partners is Nov 15th.

Last but certainly not least, we have corporate sponsorships still available for Whistler Cup 2020!


Bob Armstrong
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

WMSC Ski Swap

Our first WMSC Ski SWAP will be hosted at the Club Cabin, October 11 to 13. Please see all details here If you are able to help, please contact

Sea to Sky Pass
If you haven’t purchased your athlete’s season pass, it is time now! The sea to sky pass special pricing for WMSC athletes is Child (7-12) $469 and Youth (13-18) $489 until November 1st. All our athletes age 7-18 who attend school full time up to Grade 12 are eligible. Buy it by phone at 1-800-766-0449 or visit Guest Services.

XC Ski Swap – Saturday October 12th

Do you have any Nordic gear you would like to sell? The Whistler Nordics are holding their Swap at the Hilton Resort & Spa on October 12. More details at Whistler Nordics

Officials Level 1 and 2 Courses

Each season, we host ski races for all levels of athletes. To host a successful ski race, we require many parent volunteers, on and off the hill, both before and during the race.

The officials courses will teach you how ski races are organized, the different volunteer roles and how you can get involved and be successful.

Officials Level 1 Course – November 17 at Whistler Secondary School | Register
Officials Level 2 Course – November 23 and 24 at WMSC Lounge | Register

Adding Team Pages events to your calendar

Parents and athletes, when you receive an event invite from your coaches, please do not decline it. It will remove it permanently form your calendar. Please accept all invites and you can modify attendance at a later time.

Mikayla Martin Memorial Fund

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Our condolences once again to Mikayla Martin’s family

Her family has started a memorial fund, if you would like to support, please visit Mikayla Martin Memorial Fund

_ Mikayla has been taken from us much too soon. We want to use her shining example to encourage others to live an extraordinary life. We hope that you will help us to do that, and when you do, to take those words to heart and live them every day.
“Do your thing. Do it every day, and do it unapologetically.”_


It is with profound sadness that we inform you of the passing of one of our WMSC alumni, Mikayla Martin, “Miki”. Our collective condolences go out to her entire family during these most difficult times. Miki will always be remembered for her incredible smile, infectious enthusiasm, determination, work ethic and of course her role as a mentor to so many young WMSC athletes.

We are all grieving this immeasurable loss. RIP Mikayla.

Mark Tilston
WMSC – Executive Director

ACA News Ski Community Mourns ski cross racer Mikayla Martin


Good Afternoon U18/U21 Team,

Hopefully you’ve all had a chance to look/get outside in the last few days because it appears that Summer is back! Okay, most likely not the case, but the weather has bettered a little and (on a personal level) I had almost forgotten what it’s like to do things in the sun. Even writing (AND reading) updates in the sun is a step up on last week! Speaking of updates, in this week’s you can expect some reminders, useful information, the means to get one step closer to skiing, and (hopefully) a little inspiration. Let’s go:

Weekly Sessions Recap
The month of adverse weather conditions (alluded to above) set a wonderful stage on which for us to build a proper “hardcore” fitness foundation, and I’d say we’ve done a bang-up job cashing in so far. From highly saturated morning sessions and freezing cold team rides, to soggy and slick Sport Saturdays, the only refuge found during the past few weeks has come in the form of a squat-rack that just happens to have a roof over it. If we had a complaint quota to fill, which we don’t (solid non-investment), it would still be empty, and if for some reason the squat-rack was outside we’d still get the work done. Long-story-short, the first half of Septober has been excellent with the aforementioned foundation starting to shape up, so the second half can only get better! Thank you all for continuing to show up and throw down, rain or shine; hard things seem easier when you know you’re all in it together (foreshadowing).

Fall Fitness Camp 2
If you haven’t heard, this weekend (Oct. 5, 6) marks the final Fitness Camp of the off-season and we would love to see you! The schedule for the weekend can be found on our Division TeamPages Calendar. If you are planning on coming, there are two tings you need to do: 1) mark your attendance on the Calendar Event on TeamPages, 2) get over to ActiveWorks Camp and Register/Pay to make it official. Tying things all back to the intro, the weather forecast looks great and we’re primed and ready for a big (fun) weekend of activities!

Panorama Pre-Season / Sun Peaks Trip Sheets!
Hotels are booked, lane space is finalized, budgets have been submitted and approved, it’s Trip Sheet time! Located in the “Documents” section of our Division Page, under “U18/U21 Trip Sheets”, you will find the first of our 2019-2020 season. As a reminder, since these are the first trips of the year you will all need to fill out and re-submit your Travel Consent and Medical forms when you register. Tickets for these trips will be live tomorrow morning (Oct. 1), follow the link in either the Trip Sheet itself or simply head over to ActiveWorks to register.

As mentioned in last week’s update, the first inaugural SWAP being held at the WMSC Club Cabin is only a few weeks away. For a much more detailed breakdown of how it works, plus the when/where/how/why, please follow this link:
We’re excited to get everyone’s setups set up and literally start/finish gearing up for Winter!

With this weekend’s Fitness Camp fast approaching, and with heavy regard to the recent level at our weekly sessions, this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is:
Excellence in Respect – Respect Effort. Recognize, acknowledge, and congratulate effort. It keeps coming up, but we are a big Team and a diverse Team. Each individual possesses their own strengths and weaknesses which, if recognized and used positively by the group, can only serve to make us all better. We are all at different points in our development physically/mentally/emotionally and chances are, if you’re struggling with something, someone else on this team has been there before and can help you through it. A little recognition and encouragement can go a long way if you’re willing to share it, and if you’re willing to believe it.

I like to say that everything is a competition, but a competition is only ever really rewarding when it requires your best effort. The fitter/stronger/faster you can all make each other, the better you’ll have to be to stay in front.

Looking forward to seeing you all again this week!

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club