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Good Afternoon U18/U21 Team,

The time is now 1:30pm on Wednesday, October 30. You have roughly 46 hours left to register for either Panorama, Sun Peaks, or both Camps. The deadline for this trip is Nov. 1 at 12:00pm, and this is a HARD deadline. Friday is the longest we are able to hold out on booking the necessary vehicles and hotel rooms for these fast-approaching camps and we would hate for any of you to miss out. If you are planning to go to Panorama and/or Sun Peaks PLEASE REGISTER ASAP.

The situation we (and I’m sure everyone involved) would like to avoid is a surplus of vehicle and living space divided amongst a smaller group. This is how final trip costs soar when reconciled, and no one likes getting a bill for unnecessary extras on top of the original cost. Easily avoided by timely registration, we do our best to keep trip costs as low as possible but need your help to be organized and accurate with our estimates.

If you have any questions about trip details, please contact Conrad ( If you have any questions about, or require assistance with, registration, please contact Blanca (

Thank you kindly,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

Race Season Opener - November 16th

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Oct 30, 2019 11:10AM PDT

Wash of those muddy bikes one last time!
Put away the putters!
Hang up your bathers!
The 2019/20 ski season is here!

WMSC is celebrating in style by hosting a fundraiser party at Buffalo Bills
on Saturday 16th November.
Après Appetizers | Dance | Live and Silent Auction

Reconnect with old friends, meet and welcome new families to the club.
Help us to raise lots of money and bag yourself some amazing sway with both a live auction and many silent auction lots.
100% of funds raised on the night go directly to WMSC.

The club dedicates itself to delivering an incredible environment, both on and off the hill, for young people to develop as athletes and as people.
The funds raised will help continue this amazing work.

We kick off at 6pm and the fundraiser runs until 9pm. You are then welcome to stay and dance the night away.

Buy Tickets

Ticket price of $75 includes 2 drinks, après appetizers and dancing all night long.


The Whistler Mountain Ski Club in partnership with Whistler Sport Legacies and ViaSport will be hosting a coaching symposium for certification and professional development for alpine ski coaches to fulfil the National Coaching Certification Program modules.

Dates: Sunday November 3 to Saturday November 9th.
Location: Whistler Mountain Ski Club Studio, 2028 Rob Boyd Way, Whistler, BC V0N 1B2
Cost: $735.00 full Symposium

These modules are requirements for full certification of both Entry Level and Development Level in the Alpine Canada Alpin coaching pathway Trained coaches or interested individuals who desire to become a certified alpine ski coach will be able to register for the full week for a special price of $735.00. (Cost saving of $304.50) Coaches who have already taken some NCCP coaching modules or do not have the time for the full week will be allowed to register for individual modules at the regular Via Sport rate (see pricing below).

Once participants have completed the in-class modules and passed the online line modules of Making Ethical Decisions and Leading Drug Free Sport the NCCP portion of the ACA coaching pathway for full certification will be complete leaving them to pursue the completion of the technical components of the Alpine Canada Coaching pathway and other professional development accreditation.

Coaches can register and pay both – the full week or individual classroom modules. Coaches Certification and Professional Development Workshop
Module Workbooks will be provided. Participants will have to provide their own snacks and lunch


Good Morning U18/U21 Team,

Every day the snow on the peaks here in Whistler seems to make up a little more ground on its journey towards the valley. There is a day clearly marked on our calendars known as the Winter Solstice, and while the rest of the world treats this as the first official day of Winter, we will be miles ahead of them at that point. Snow outside our front door is when Winter is really here and, ladies and gentlemen, WINTER is coming. This update is a quickie that pertains specifically to the preparation required for the big day: Trips, Fitness, other Sports, and Tools of the Trade. Keep scrolling to the end!

Panorama + Sun Peaks Camps
Sign up for these trips has doubled in the last week, thank you to everyone that took the time to click the necessary buttons to make your name appear on the trip roster. Sign up for these trips (and future ones) will always be a keystone in these updates, so with complete disregard for the risk of sounding repetitive PLEASE make the time to sign up! Four weeks is now less than three and it’s only been (what feels like) a couple of days. If we’re getting snow here, you best believe the cold and dark parts of the province are keeping up. Trip sheets can be found HERE > and if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to reach out (

Fitness Programming
It was brought to my attention that the current Fitness Calendar runs out of days. That bug has been ironed out and the whole situation has been remedied in the form of an updated Calendar! You can find this Calendar in the (you guessed it) “Documents” section of our Program page, tucked away neatly in the “U18/U21 Fitness > Fall 2019” folder, labelled “October 2019 Fitness Calendar”.

Weekly Sessions + Sports! Saturday
TeamPages Calendar, TeamPages Calendar, TeamPages Calendar one more time for good measure. Weekly sessions will continue for the next two weeks, on the same Tuesday-Thursday schedule that we have all grown to love. Details for these events (described in tantalizing detail) can be found on our Program TeamPages Calendar, which in theory will make scheduling a breeze. Back by popular demand for an encore appearance, this weekend will be the final Sports! Saturday (and Team Bike Ride, see event description) of the year. It’s been a good run and we’re all looking forward to seeing as many of you as can make it! Come out and play.

By this point, it’s most likely everyone is more-or-less dialed in for any equipment needs for the season ahead. In the off-chance this is not the case, just a reminder to get on it. Your coaches (,, are collectively on call 24/7 to answer any questions you have. Another reminder, we have a convenient little boot-fitting guide that should be able to help get you started on the most personalized portion of your equipment prep. It can be found here >

There is a lot of back-and-forth this time of year between all of us, and as our preparation becomes more specific so too does the information required to keep all those ducks in a row. This week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is aimed at supporting that fact:
Excellence in Communication – Communicate Constructively. When it comes to you and the next six months, there is no such thing as a pointless question, nor is there the possibility of asking too many questions. Knowledge is power or, more accurately, efficiency. Simply put, if you’re not sure about something, ask.

This Team will take many different forms as far as boots (on skis) on the ground is concerned. Regardless of where we are or who we are directly with, the Team includes everyone involved: athletes, parents, and coaches. The more often we’re all paddling in the same direction, the quicker this Teamship (see what I did there) will get where we want it to go!

See you all a bunch this week,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


Good Morning U18/U21 Team,

Now that was a week. If buying or selling or just being around that many skis doesn’t get you in the mood for skiing, I don’t know will! Actually, that’s not true; the calendar—any calendar—will also probably have the same effect. We are T-minus 4 weeks away from our first camp of the winter and that IS exciting, even if a room full of skis didn’t get you there on its own. While this update doesn’t get too into the skiing part itself, it does cover the current bases needing covering: the skis that keep getting referenced, the bodies and muscles that use those skis, and the places those skis get to do their job (and how they get there). Short and sweet, rapid-fire pace, here we go:

The SWAP – A Recap
First off, a massive thank you to everyone who came out and helped with the SWAP this past weekend. We had the best equipment stockers, gear finders, boot carriers, checker-inners, and bouncers in the business! If you were at the Club (most likely, since it felt like the whole world passed through the cabin) then you saw first-hand the volume of goods we were able to find new homes for. Events like this would fall flat on their faces without the volunteer power we pride ourselves on, and this year’s SWAP was nothing short of a world-class showing. Renewable energy sources are a common topic these days, but when it comes to keeping the recreational/racing ski-wheel turning it appears we’re pretty well covered.

Weekly Sessions + Sport Saturday
Last week we switched to a 3-sessions-per-week platform and you guys nailed it; 3 sessions with decent attendance. Moving forward, this platform will continue until the end of the month, with the exception of THIS WEEK where today is the only session. That said, the gym and field aren’t going anywhere, and you all have the programs to run through the sessions sans coach so no need to panic. This is not a test…. Or is it? Also on the radar is the final (scheduled) Sports! Saturday taking place at week’s end. Originally, this schedule was put in place to preemptively combat that beautiful Fall weather we experience this time of year, but with the numbers and fun-factor we have all been enjoying over the last two months, the common consensus is that it wouldn’t be crazy to extend Sports! Saturday at least one more week. TeamPages will be updated, let us know if you’re going to be there!

Panorama Camp + Sun Peaks 2019
As mentioned in the introduction, Panorama Camp is only four weeks away! On paper, 4 weeks looks like a long time, but we are all aware of how fast a month flies by in reality. Current sign-up for Panorama is sitting at 4 athletes… a very manageable number but probably a little (a lot) on the low side. If you are planning to go this camp and/or Sun Peaks please register. Vehicles need to be booked or rented and final rooming lists need to be submitted, all of which can’t happen until we know how many of you are going. The possible roster size for this trip and all others this year is considerably larger than last year and the last thing any of us want is a number cap dictated by a lack of transportation or living space. Sign up! If you have any questions about these trips or others, please get in touch (

Whether it had anything to do with the reminder in last week’s update, or if it’s just who we are these days, the reputation of this team (and the WMSC as a whole) was reflected upon incredibly positively this past week. You all made it look easy and I’m sure we’ve got a few more fans out there this week. Bigger picture intact for the time being, we’re back to a more personal focus with this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value:
Excellence in Effort – Effort to uphold the High Standard. It has been mentioned before, every session/activity/event we do has a standard, and every time we do it again (in the interest of constant improvement) that standard is raised by all involved. This week your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to continue raising the bar both literally and figuratively on your own.

The group of usual suspects is more-or-less all-inclusive at this point, between the lot of you there isn’t a session you can’t run together. Coach or not, you all have what it takes to get it done! See you this afternoon and then again on Saturday.

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club