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Panorama FIS Series Update

Posted by Conrad Pridy at Dec 21, 2018 7:35PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The Panorama FIS Race Series has officially come to a close. The past week of racing covered almost all of the variables we do our best to prepare for: fast sets, turny sets, straight sets, unnatural terrain use, 25cm of fresh snow, raging blizzards, fog, soft snow, hard snow, quick intervals, sunshine, shadows, complete darkness (if I missed anything feel free to add it, we most likely dealt with it too). The athletes handled it all in stride, and if they didn’t nail it on the first try they sure as heck learned how for the next time. It was a tough series in a lot of ways, but as usual the highlights shone brightly and the whole team kept running the ball and moving the chains.

For the athletes, the progression from day 1, not only in the adaptations to technical and tactical approaches but also in the way they assessed themselves after each run, was close to a tear-jerker moment for Kike and I to witness. We went from “oh no, it’s the end of the world” to “yeah, I can see a lot of similarities in my own skiing to that guy/girl” or “I think can beat them next time”. Challenging moments like the ones they faced here, even a few weeks ago, would have taken some serious inspirational speaking to get over and above; this week the immediate reaction was to look forward to the next run – the next race – the next training block – and figure out how to improve. I heard from the ENTIRE group throughout the last 4 days, all isolated incidents, requesting harder fitness sessions, longer courses, and tougher, faster sets. There was no getting stuck or hung-up, only how to keep moving forward. They may have had their hands hovering over the panic button for a moment but it never got pressed.

As is every year, these races are very competitive and offer a very real glimpse into what racing at the U18/U21 level is. They aren’t always the most productive from a FIS points perspective, but it’s not every day we get to race against our own Provincial and National Team athletes, and learn a little more what it takes to compete at this level. The learning curve is steep at an event like this, and the emotional/psychological management all of the athletes here are forced to practice creates a skillset worth much more than it’s weight in momentary frustration and blows to confidence. We are trending in the right direction. Hard.

I’m sure I can speak for all of us when I say we’re looking forward to a (short) break, however I’m also sure I can speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to get back to work.



Our season has officially kicked off!

Many thanks to all of our members who attended our first ever Kick-off Meeting last Saturday. It was fantastic to see so many of our members, athletes and coaches in one room, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback I’ve received from new and old members alike.

Getting everyone together was a great way to start the season, and is a model that we will build on in future years, using the knowledge gained to enable us to keep advancing how best to support our athletes.

And a big thank you to Anders Hestdalen for sharing the vision of BC Alpine with us. It was reassuring to see that we are all working on the same page. We will be posting the slides from the presentations to the website, and for those who could not make it I encourage you to go to the website and review the slides.

I’m aware the volume of information may seem overwhelming, but we have posted everything you need to know on the Club’s website. Please refer to the Member Guidelines* as a starting point.

Again, a huge thanks to you all for your ongoing patience and support throughout the launch of the new website and mobile App. We feel that once all of the pieces are in place it will be a more user-friendly interface and a great resource for us all I encourage you all to try it, familiarise yourself with it and please pass on any thoughts of how to develop it.
As a reminder, the Whistler Mountain Ski Club has signed onto the Responsible Coaching Movement pledge. Among other steps, this means that we have committed to have all our staff and parents complete the Respect in Sport program**. The feedback from parents who have taken the Parent Module has been tremendously positive.

If you have not yet completed the Respect in Sport Parent Module please do so by January 1st. We have had great uptake so far but need to see 100% participation to save us having to follow up with individual parents.
The other big change for 2018-2019 is that we are using the natural split of gender to group athletes with coaches, save for 1st year U12 athletes, who will be a separate group.

Parents, the Head Coach for your athletes group will be your first point of contact, to discuss your athlete’s progress through the year. Please contact your age group Lead Coach for questions regarding the scheduling and programming.

We will be building up technical skills assessments for each athlete through the season, in order to have some clear process goals. This will also serve as a measure of your athlete’s advancement, and that, combined with the fitness assessments align, with our long term athletic development model.

As we move into mid-December, we are still struggling with limited snow here at home. However, most of our U16 team is away at Panorama or Sun Peaks this week, and Henry is investigating taking a group of U14s to Sun Peaks next weekend for additional on-snow training as we do not expect to have sufficient snow coverage on the training centre.

However, there is precipitation and cold temperatures in the forecast, and our partner Whistler Blackcomb has been working hard blowing snow, so we are hoping to have terrain for training in the near future and to be able to run our first club race, scheduled for next weekend.

*Members Guidelines

December 16th Club Race Postponed

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Dec 11, 2018 11:54AM PST

As you are aware, we still have limited snow coverage and therefore hill space. Added to this, that many of our athletes have had limited skiing so far this year and a majority have not even skied a training course yet, we will cancel the Club race scheduled for this weekend.

Coaches and Executive Direction will look for an alternate date later in the year and we will communicate that to you.

Respect In Sport

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Dec 6, 2018 12:42PM PST ( 0 Comments )

The Respect in Sport program has been developed to empower people to recognize and prevent bullying, abuse,
harassment and discrimination through an interactive, online certification process. Respect in Sport has been
adopted by many sports organizations across Canada including Alpine Canada, Canadian Ski Coaches, and BC
Alpine, and Whistler Mountain Ski Club has determined to be a leader by adopting Respect in Sport program at
the club level. All parents are required to take the Respect in Sport for Parents module located at
The Respect in Sport for Parents module must be completed by all parents
by JANUARY 1, 2019
and thereafter all new members will be required to complete the Respect in Sport for
Parents module within sixty (60) days of joining the Club. The cost of the program is $12. and takes
approximately 1 hour to complete. We hope that all parents will find this a useful experience.
All WMSC Staff are required to take the Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders module.
To register:
Activity Leader program:
Parent program :
Additionally all Chaperones with the WMSC – mandatory criminal record checks will be required. Apply Online at: Access Code: RCEZV57JY2


Nancy Greene played an instrumental role in starting the Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard Club and in supporting the Canadian juvenile skier development program. Nancy has continued to be a great supporter of ski racing in Canada over the years. Nat Bosa and his companies have provided both the Whistler Mountain Ski Club and the Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard Club with financial assistance for the construction of both ski cabins and have continued to support the Clubs and some of the athletes over the years.

To recognize the tremendous contributions of Nancy and Nat in support of ski racing at the Blackcomb Ski and Snowboard Club and in the Whistler Valley and as a consequence of our two Clubs coming together, the Directors of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club created the Nancy Greene/Nat Bosa Bursary. These funds are intended to contribute towards coaching fees, travel expenses, equipment costs and other expenses related to the development of ski racing members of the Club. To qualify an athlete must be an active racing member in a Club program (FIS, U16, U14, U12), BC Team or National Team. A committee has been set up to administer the program and athletes should submit their requests, in confidence, by the end of December. Awards are typically announced in late January and funds applied to your racer account.

At the Boards Discretion:
10 % of Sponsor Capital Fund set aside annually for Nancy Greene – Nat Bosa Bursary
Funds for this award need to be clearly identifiable by Oct 1st
Any funds not allocated in the prior years will be disbursed in subsequent years.
Unused funds should never be directed towards general revenues.
It is the discretion of the awards committee to award 75% or more by Jan 30th with the balance being disbursed to eligible applicants for additional trip funding.

Considerations for Awards:
The Awards committee reviews all submissions and disburses funds to the athletes accounts based on the following criteria.
Perceived Financial Need
Costs of specific program
Character of the athlete and skill level
Parental Volunteerism

A committee consisting of Bob Cameron and Jim McGovern has been set up to administer the program this season. All submissions will remain anonymous and all members must be in good standing. Athletes should submit their requests, in confidence, to Bob Cameron, no later than DECEMBER 30th each year. Awards will be announced in late January and funds applied to your racer account.

Apply to: Bob Cameron by email:

By Mail: Bob Cameron 8308 Ski Jump Rise Whistler BC, V0N 1B9