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Good Afternoon U18/U21 Team,

As you have probably guessed from the title of this short update, Trip Sheets for both upcoming Panorama Camps + Races are now alive and well in our Program Documents page, located in the “Trip Sheets” folder. Registration Links for these trips can be found in their respective Trip Sheet categories, so head on over and sign up (if you’re planning on going).

You’ll notice the registration deadline for these trips is fast approaching (Dec. 1, 2); the reason for this is because all ski bags for either trip will need to be sent out in the trailer on Dec. 4. This means all gear, and also registration to know if your gear needs to go, needs to be decided upon and submitted prior to that date. Dec. 3 is the absolute latest for getting your stuff into the ski room if you can’t be there to load it yourself on the morning of Dec. 4. Please have all bags labelled with: Your Name and Destination.

Travel options for these trip are all over the place (by design) and it would make our lives a lot easier on the organizational side if you could all send us your travel preferences. When you have an itinerary for flights, or you know you’ll be in the van (Dec. 14) PLEASE send a message to me ( and Maddy ( so we can ensure no one gets forgotten.

As always, any questions please let me know!

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

U18/U21 Panorama Camp 2.0 Info-Pack

Posted by U18/U21 Program at Nov 26, 2019 5:48PM PST

Good Evening U18/U21 Team,

Communication is going to be heavy this week so please bear with me here; this quick update includes information on Panorama Camp 2.0 and the X-Mas Races, and a brief reminder about Fitness Sessions. Here we go:

Panorama Camp 2.0 – The First Part (Dec. 9-14)
Departing on December 9th, this part of the Panorama Camp 2.0 experience is accessible by air only (unless you are coming over from Norquay in which case you will be in a truck or van). The camp includes 4-5 days on snow (depending on energy levels) with a Race Hill specific GS and SL focus. Days will be consistent with Gates in the AM and freeskiing in the PM. Here are the details in point-form:
Departure Date – Dec. 9
Travel Method – Flight only. Vancouver to Cranbrook.
Estimated Cost – $840 (based on 8 athletes)
Coaches – Maddy Irwin (potentially Conrad Pridy also, pending roster size of 10 or more)

Panorama Camp 2.0 – The Second Part (Dec. 14-24)
Departing December 14th, this part of the Panorama Camp 2.0 experience is accessible by air and by land (preferably air but there will be a 10-passenger van available to use). The camp includes 8 days on snow with Race Hill specific GS and SL focus. Days will be consistent with Gates in the AM and freeskiing in the PM. Here are the details in point-form:
Departure Date – Dec. 14
Return Date – Dec. 23 (flights), Dec. 24 (driving)
Travel Method – Flights. Vancouver to Cranbrook > Cranbrook to Vancouver, Driving Whistler to Panorama > Panorama to Whistler
Estimated Cost – $1600 (based on 20 athletes, including race entry fees)
Coaches – Conrad Pridy, Maddy Irwin, Kike Guerra Cusi

Travel Notes for Panorama Camp 2.0
Official Trip Sheets for both of the above options will be released tomorrow after a final check by the Finance Department (Kevin). Cost estimates are based on word-of-mouth rosters and have been budgeted on the high side to account for any last-minute changes; if we end up above projected roster size the trips can only get more affordable. Regarding travel, we encouraging flights to allow for the most flexibility during the holiday time and potential for productive last days at school. If it makes things easier, we are open to booking flights for everyone interested if it will help keep arrival/departure times similar. If you are interested in this option, please let me ( and Maddy ( know ASAP, including dates in and/or out. In the meantime, these events are now on our Division TeamPages Calendar and it would make things a lot easier for planning if you all could please indicate your intentions on the Attendance portion of each respective event.

Weekly Fitness Sessions
Weekly sessions will be starting up again this week, and carrying on from now until the end of the season. Thursday to Sunday is our window and all events are located on our Program TeamPages Calendar. Check it out! And then mark your attendance and show-up!

Any questions please get in touch with me, I’m around all week! (

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


Good Afternoon U18/U21 Team,

“The calm after the storm” seems fitting enough as a description for how I’m sure we are feeling at the moment. Panorama Camp 1.0 has come and gone, Kick-Off Day was a huge success, and chairlift seats have been swapped for their classroom-specific counterparts; decompression time is among us, but it won’t last long. This update will cover a vivid Camp Debrief, plans for skiing in the West’s Northeastern quadrant, and a quick teaser for Official Club Season Start next week. Ready? Set. Begin:

Panorama Camp 1.0 – The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Through the windows of the van, the green hills outside slowly increase in size as we race along the famed Sea-to-Sky highway on the last stretch of our journey home. Whistler appears just as we left it two weeks ago; bathed in sun, birds chirping, and the faintest dusting of matte white along the tops of the now mountains we are surrounded by. The concerning lack of snow at ground-level is overshadowed by the excitement of being home and reunited with family, but does not go unnoticed. Apparently, and as impossible as it might seem, somewhere along the 12-hour drive from Panorama to home we travelled back in time from the middle of Winter to the beginning of Fall.

Seeing boots and ski bags strewn about the Club Cabin parking lot in various states of unloading and loading, juxtaposed with the dry ground and fresh fallen leaves, it’s hard not to appreciate the value of everything we just put ourselves through. More than a day’s worth of hours spent seated in a van—only to spend the next two weeks waking up early via a brisk jog, cramming a little breakfast down the hatch, and heading out into a snowgun-fog abyss, all before the sunrise—really doesn’t seem like even a small price to pay when so blatantly compared to the borderline tropical alternative. Sure, there are warm beds with sleep-ins, video games, parties, and an abundance of couch-induced downtime available here in paradise, but paradise is really how you define it.

Panorama is known for its reliable early-season conditions and, as far as a ski team is concerned, ticks all of the boxes necessary for the paradise moniker, short of an affordable beachfront 3000m elevation ski dome in Mexico. Daydreams aside, reflecting on our first camp is easy when there are no other “what ifs” to consider, and in the case of Panorama Camp 1.0 we absolutely nailed it. From our first runs to shake the rust off, to our last runs in a game-time environment, everything this team set out to do got done. The improvements made by the athletes, of which there were many, and the feeling of preparedness for the season are simple factors pointing to a successful start. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find there is so much more to validate that theory than the eyes can see. Athletes choosing to stay longer, planning future trips before the current one had ended, watching and learning from each other, and genuinely being happy on the grind; all of these are the larger signs that this Camp deserves the first checkmark of the season. Skiing is the best way to improve at skiing, and wanting to ski is the first step.

A team is only as strong as its leaders, and often times the leaders of a team are given that responsibility not because they asked for it or think they deserve it, but because they consistently—even quietly—show up every day and do what needs to be done. Personalities vary greatly, but in common they challenge themselves, they push others forward, and they allow themselves to be pushed forward. Our team is lucky in that we have a number of individuals like this, and while leading by example is only effective with mutual respect, the majority of the Team is well on its way to becoming a group of leaders. Like all things worthwhile, respect is earned as it is given. Teamwork is the best way to become a strong Team, and wanting to be a part of the Team is the first step.

This camp was the most well-rounded in this Team’s history and would not have been possible without the hard work and relentless effort from both the athletes and coaches. Thank you to the athletes for making every day a rewarding experience on hill and off, and thank you to Maddy, Kike, and Jonny for delivering every aspect of our training plan with the utmost integrity and professionalism.

Norquay FIS SL Series
As most of you have seen, the ticket for Norquay FIS SL trip is live for registration. Thank you all for bearing with us on the everchanging nature of this trip and the ones that follow. The trip deadline was originally slated for today but has been reopened for any last-minute sign-ups. Details for Panorama Camp 2.0 and the X-Mas Series Races can be found in the next section. In the meantime, with regard to Norquay, travel to will continue as planned (Dec. 4 from the Club Cabin), but travel from has been tweaked slightly. On December 9th, all athletes and vehicles will travel to Panorama with 2 coaches to drop off gear and bodies for Panorama Camp 2.0. Any athletes travelling home will then either continue driving back to Whistler or be dropped off at the Cranbrook Airport to catch flights. This is where you come in (and I have received info from some of you already), Please let Maddy ( know which travel option you will be taking advantage of.

Panorama Camp 2.0
Thank you all for your feedback on this, it has made the planning process a lot easier and we’ve been able to whittle things down to two (2) travel dates:

- Dec. 9 (flights only) to Cranbrook, to be picked up and taken to Panorama. Staying through to Dec. 24.
- Dec. 14 (flights or driving) to Cranbrook or Panorama, to be picked up from airport or drive from Club Cabin. Staying through to Dec. 24.

Originally, there was an option for travel on Dec. 18 but given the conditions in Whistler and the very unlikely possibility of any kind of training, we are strongly recommending choosing one of the above options for training if you are planning to race the X-Mas Series Races. There will be a trip sheet for both of the listed options so you can sign-up and we can get a solid idea of numbers. If you already know which option you will be taking and how you will be getting there, Please let me know (

Any equipment for athletes taking part in either Norquay and/or Panorama 2.0 + X-Mas FIS Series needs to be dropped off at the Club Cabin by Dec. 3 or loaded into the trailer at one of the pick-up locations on Dec. 4. The van going back out for Panorama after Norquay does not have enough cargo space for ski bags. As always, if you have any questions PLEASE get in touch with me and I will be happy to sort you out (

Dec. 5 – Season Start
Ready or not, here we come! Next week is our official Program Days season start for home training. TeamPages will be updated this week with the Where/When/What of the week’s plans so don’t forget to check the calendar. Preliminary reports suggest it will be similar to last year with limited space available in a freeski-only capacity. SL skis (preferably of the “rock” variety) will be our weapons of choice. Details coming soon. We will also be starting weekly fitness sessions again from Thursday to Sunday following skiing (also on TeamPages this week). If you’re not in Norquay we’d love to see out on the local slope!

This has been a long update, but hopefully an enlightening one too. Teamship Values are where we struggle the most to be consistent because they are hard to quantify on an individual level. It takes a certain amount of belief to adhere to them when there is so little instant feedback, but I can say with complete confidence that, for those of you making the effort, the changes in group dynamic are more than noticeable. A little guidance can go a long way so this here it is, this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value:
Excellence in Reputation – Be Accountable. Own the outcomes of your actions and effort.
It sounds more or less like common sense when you read a statement like that, yet the opposite is often how we react to adverse situations. Your Teammates, Coaches, and Parents will always be there to help you pick up the slack, but as much fun as it would be, none of them can ski the course for you. The easiest part of ski racing is your preparation, you just need to do it.

Enjoy your (very) well-earned week of rest,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


Good Evening U18/U21 Team,

This is a combination Arrival/Camp/Program Update (the first of its kind, we’re all part of history). Please read to the end as this update includes time-sensitive information along with the usual insightful goodness. Here we go:

Sun Peaks Panorama Camp Arrival
Touchdown (again) in Panorama! It was a smaller crew but just as a long a drive, and we knocked it out of the park. Perhaps it was the lighter load or the clearer skies (as soon as we passed Lillooet)… either way, we travelled hurdle-free and crossed Panorama city limits almost exactly 10 hours after departure. We’re getting pretty good at this whole driving thing—and we should be given all the practice we’ve had—so it’s never a surprise when things go smoothly. The constant surprise, and always a welcome one, is how well the athletes handle these long stints in a van. It was mentioned in the last arrival note, but these guys and girls know how to kill time and be productive doing so. Regardless of the who or how many teammates are present, everyone always finds a way to keep the conversation going strong; whether it’s a podcast, or music, or even a power-nap, if you didn’t know any better you’d assume we are all long-time friends. And that’s really the best possible outcome to these long travel days we subject ourselves to (other than getting to our destination). All that said, we are trying to explore other travel options for trips in our immediate future. Please read to the end of this update for a little more on that bit of foreshadowing and a camp update!

Panorama Camp Progress Report
As everyone is now aware, we have officially decided to stay in Panorama in pursuit of the more valuable training we need, versus the races we don’t (yet). Along with the Technical and Tactical focuses that make up the foundation of all on-snow work we do; this camp’s core focus has been Team Cohesion through setting the bar as high as possible across the board. Basically, working hard leads to improvements and earning the improvements you make is fun, so keeping effort up increases your capacity to have fun. It’s a little wordy but the math is solid, and so far the whole team has proven this equation’s merit day-in and day-out. We’ve skied as much as our legs will productively allow, we’ve recovered as sufficiently as our minds can convince our bodies, and (although I may be a little biased) we’ve been the most dialed team on the hill. The first half of this now 2-part camp has come to a close, but the doors open again tomorrow for another amazing week. I can’t say a big enough thank you to the Staff here for all that they’ve done, and continue to do, without the need for anything more than a high-five and a smile as recognition. And a massive thanks to all of you parents for trusting us with your kids and allowing us to share in the pride you feel for them every day. Mushy? A little. From the heart? Very. True? 100%.

Norquay FIS SL Races
Technically, and depending which style of Calendar you are currently using, the elusive Norquay Trip-Sheet is complete and located in its usual place in our “Documents > Trips Sheets” folder on the U18/U21 TeamPages Program Page. Any questions on this trip? Please get in touch with me as soon as you have them (

Panorama Camp 2.0
It’s getting late here in Pano, and this update is getting long, so I’ll keep this in point form:

- Whistler does not look healthy on the snow front which leaves us wanting for any confidence in the quality of training we will be able to provide at the start/middle of December.
- Panorama Camp 2.0 is slated to take place between Dec. 9 and Dec. 18 as a tune-up prep camp for the Panorama X-Mas FIS Series Dec. 20-23. This camp was originally meant to be an extra option for those able to miss the school time and was originally planned to be small because we would also have training at home.
- Given the conditions at home and the odds of a full 180° happening soon enough for us to capitalize on, we would like to bump up the value of this training option in Panorama. We realize this is a substantial potential absence from school but request anyone interested in guaranteed training please seriously consider this option.
- We are working on travel options and a solid Trip-Sheet for this last-minute camp, with the goal of having a plan for any interested parties to work off finalized by Wednesday this week.
- Preliminary travel dates are Dec. 9 and Dec. 14 from Whistler to Panorama, both staying through the races to return home on either Dec. 23 or Dec. 24.
- Vehicles for the original plan (see U18/U21 Fridge Calendar) are in place, but we strongly recommend flying in and out of Cranbrook for maximum flexibility and cost-efficiency. Coaches are easy pieces to move around and will be able to accommodate any and all Airport shuttle runs necessary.

As mentioned above, solid dates and logistics will be communicated by Wednesday this week so please keep your eyes on the horizon. In the meantime, if you know what works for you please let me know your preferred travel date/method (

Not to sound like a broken record these days, and moving up the ladder is what we aim to do, but this week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value cannot be anything else:
Excellence in Communication – Communicate openly and Effectively. We will continue to do our best to have information out to you in as timely a manner as humanly possible, and if you have any questions, concerns, or advice-needed, let’s get that chatter up!

Thanks for taking the time to reach out and having, what I think were, some very enlightening conversations. It was great to see you at Kick-Off Day this weekend, but I’m definitely (a little) more excited to be boots-on-the-ground again!

Until next time,

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

The document 2019-2020 Trip 13 - Norquay SL - Trip Sheet was attached to this post.


Good Evening U18/U21 Team,

If the snow won’t come to us, we’ll go to the snow; a mantra that many a ski team is built upon. We’re doing just that as we speak, so this update is coming to you live from Panorama. We’ll keep things brief because we’ve all got an early morning tomorrow, but you can expect information concerning Pre-season Plan B, Norquay, the end of March/beginning of April, and a Kick-off day reminder. Please read to the end, here we go:

Firstly, apologies for the massive delay in Trip-sheet release for our upcoming Norquay trip. Our accommodation booking at the Windtower, our tried and true digs for the last two seasons, passed to new ownership just over a week ago, leaving us suddenly bookingless and scrambling. The really unfortunate part is that the manager responsible for our booking was let go and failed to communicate these plan changes with us (anyone familiar with Murphy’s law will be able to sympathize). Wheels are turning and we are working as fast as we can to find a suitable replacement, and I am confident there will be a solid Trip-sheet out by the end of the week. And this time I do mean BY THE END OF THE WEEK. Thank you all for your patience, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask (

End of Season Blitz
Among all the great skiing here in Panorama (which you’ll hear all about in a day or two), it’s also a great time to sit down with the powers-that-be and plan future trips, of which there are many, face to face. Our current conundrum—nay, opportunity—is how what we do with the end of the season, which has the potential to be a full three weeks in Panorama. Here how we see it:
1) We forewent Chile and Europe to focus on fitness, and to re-purpose those funds to future opportunities during the season, like more racing or trips.
2) Spring break (for most students) overlaps very conveniently with the Spring racing schedule so, in theory, school shouldn’t be as big a deciding factor as usual.
3) Along with the plethora of racing opportunities available, we will also have access to training every day, forerunning opportunities, and valuable exposure to many of the continent’s best ski racers.
No official bookings have been made for this trip, and I would like to treat this as a bit of a sounding board. Please send me a note if you’ve got any thoughts, concerns, or ideas to share (

Kick-Off Day
Hopefully you’re not sick of the reminders yet, Kick-Off Day is primed and ready to be a great event, and it’s coming at you this weekend! An educational and enlightening presentation by Dr. Jim Taylor, (WMSC) world-famous Parent-Coach presentations by our illustrious staff, and a Fundraiser for the ages. We’d love to see you to catch up and talk about everything else you’ve got to look forward to this year. If you can make it, please do!

The season is finally in full swing for our team, and it feels good. So far, we’ve done an excellent job covering our bases and Teamship Values, and this week will be no different. This will come as no surprise, given the earlier content of this update, and is as important as always:
Excellence in Communication – Communicate Honestly and Fairly. Our aim is to get the message across accurately and concisely in as many situations as we can. There is no such thing as a silly question, and the best way to find something out is to ask.

We’re all smiles out here in Panorama! Mid-camp update coming soon.

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
Whistler Mountain Ski Club