WMSC U18/U21 Program Update - Jan. 21-Jan. 27

Posted by U18/U21 Program on Jan 21 2019 at 06:15PM PST

Dearest U18/U21 Team,

This week in WMSC Ski Racing marks the last week of our mid-season training block, and the start of what will essentially be two and half months of racing! Starting at Christmas Camp, the past four weeks have been incredibly productive. In all manner of variable conditions and environments, you all dug deep and squeezed as much out of every run as possible, and it shows. If any of you have doubts, I encourage you to watch video of yourselves from the end of December and this past weekend. There are a lot of very different skiers on this team now – engaged, focused, deadly – who look more race-ready than ever before.

Here are the important points for this week (Jan. 22 – Jan. 27):

Kimberley Speed
Jan. 27 – Feb. 6: The annual (National) U18/U21 Speed Week. WMSC will be sending a team of 14 athletes/adrenaline-junkies out to the famed Dreadnought Speed Track, located in peaceful Kimberley, BC, for nearly 2-weeks of pulling G’s and getting wind in the face. Last year’s trip served as a much-needed break from short turns and a big mid-season motivator to find more speed across the board so, needless to say, we’re excited to be going back. Details for travel plans and packing advice will be sent out tomorrow (Jan. 22).

More Gandy
In preparation for their own crack at the Dreadnought the week after us, WMSC U16 will be hosting a Speed Elements Camp on the Training Center this weekend. This means we will be taking advantage of the perpetually sunny terrain-haven known as Gandy-Dancer on Blackcomb. TeamPages will be updated by tomorrow evening, but a general outline for weekend plans looks like this:

Thursday (Jan. 24) – AM: GS Gates, PM: Aerobic Intervals, Core Endurance
Friday (Jan. 25) – AM: GS Gates, PM: Metabolic Conditioning, Balance/Proprioception
Saturday (Jan. 26) – AM: SL Gates, PM: Aerobic Power, Core Strength
Sunday (Jan. 27) – AM: SL Gates, PM: Strength Maintenance, Recovery

Kike Guerra Cusi will be the man in charge this week. If any of you have any questions, he’s your guy! is the easiest way to reach him.

Grouse Training
As mentioned (briefly) earlier, Grouse Night Training sessions have started up again. Every Tuesday from 4:30pm to 8:30pm there will be SL and GS training available, set to the backdrop of Vancouver’s sleepless city lights. Details for these sessions will be updated on our Division TeamPages Calendar, with U18/U21 sessions beginning next week. If this training option interests you please let me know so we can make sure you’ve got a coach present.

Teamship Values
At the risk of our Club Teamship Values Document being brushed aside as “just another set of papers” needing signed, we are doing something new starting this week. Moving forward, each week will have a “theme” taken straight from our Teamship Values, that we as coaches, athletes, and parents will do our best to practice and uphold. Many of the values listed are things we already do, but there is always room for improvement and fine tuning. This week’s U18/U21 Teamship Value is:
Excellence in Reputation – Being Professional as a Team, Club, and Ambassadors for the sport

One Team, one Dream. Even though we will be splitting up this week to do battle at both ends of the Province, we are a strong team made stronger by our common goals. Let’s get better, get stronger, and GO FAST.

Conrad Pridy
U18/U21 Lead Coach
+1 (604) 935-0985