Christmas Camp 2018 Update

Posted by Conrad Pridy on Dec 25 2018 at 09:21PM PST

Hello Athletes and Parents,

Happy Holidays to you all!

If you are receiving this email it means that the “time-off” portion of our holidays is coming to a close and it’s time to get back to training. As usual we have a packed schedule for the mad week we all know as Christmas Camp, so I am going to do my best to break it down for you here:

Thursday, Dec. 27
AM1 – Technical Freeskiing, SL Skis
AM2 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
PM1 – Fitness
PM2 – Team Meeting: Teamship Values pt. 1

Friday, Dec. 28
AM1 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
AM2 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
PM1 – Tree-well Safety Clinic @ Club Cabin
PM2 – Fitness

Saturday, Dec. 29
AM1 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
AM2 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
PM1 – Fitness
PM2 – Team Meeting: Sports Psychology with Dr. Kayla Benbow

Sunday, Dec. 30
AM1 – Club Race: Paneled SL, SL Skis
AM2 – Paneled “Mini-GS”, SL Skis
PM1 – Fitness
PM2 – Team Meeting: Teamship Values pt. 2
PM3 – Club Social

Monday, Dec. 31
AM1 – GS Gates, GS Skis
AM2 – GS Gates, GS Skis
PM1 – Fitness

A few notes on the coming week:

  • The lifts are slated to start running at 8:00am during the camp so we should be in for some very productive and tiring days. It is going to be very important to keep up with nutrition, hydration, recovery, and sleep over the next week (and all the time) so you can be at your best every day.
  • With the earlier load times, we are going to try something new: doing video in the mornings at Garbo Hut before training. This will hopefully get the focus fresh for the day ahead instead of seeing it with tired eyes and brains at the end of the day, and free up a little more time in the evenings to tune skis and relax.
  • The main focus of this camp is mileage, hence the SL Skis and “Mini-GS”. Our goal is to rack up as many good turns as possible in an environment designed to give you the highest chance of success. That said, the courses will be long and you are going to get tired, which brings me to the secondary focus of this camp: ski fitness. Physical and mental fatigue is all part of the plan, so when it happens push through and develop it like you would any other technical or tactical part of your skiing. Off-hill Fitness Sessions will be aimed at recovery, flexibility, and core.

Daily Plans and details will be updated on our U18/U21 Division Calendar on the website. If any of you are still having trouble with the website this is the perfect week to get it all ironed out.

If you have any specific questions or if I missed something please send me a message.



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