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U12 March 10th Update

Posted by Mathieu Leduc at Mar 10, 2020 11:23AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hey U12 Crew
Great weekend, Powder, Awesome grooming and great gate training. What more could you ask for as a ski racer in BC. We are now in ramp up mode for the big March racing block coming up.

As always coaches will be at home for all race series and communications will be sent with as much notice as possible.

-This weekend we will be looking to ramp up Intensity on courses. With that in mind Volume will decrease a bit so we don’t have injuries due to fatigue.

Schedule for this week is as follows:
Tuesday night Grouse training: Slalom skiing Meet at 4:00 Grouse tram base.
Thursday Whistler training: GS on Ptarmigan meet at 8:50 AM Chic Pea
Friday Whistler training: Slalom on Ptarmigan meet at 8:50 AM Chic Pea
Saturday Whistler training: Slalom on Ptarmigan meet at 8:50 AM Chic Pea
Saturday Dryland: 3:30/ 4:30 Whistler racquet club. Agility, Stretching and Games. Please bring Proper dryland attire, running shoes, Light snacks and Water.
Sunday Whistler training: GS on Ptarmigan meet at 8:50 AM Chic pea

Key Items for this Update:
• Big White Ski cross Due Date March 14th
• Mount Washington Zone Finals
• Whistler cup Qualifying race
• Final weekend Club race
• May And June camps

Big White SX
We have a good number of Athletes going to Big White for the ski cross. Still looking to fill out the numbers and I’m aware that many athletes are keen to race that are not yet signed up. If you intend on coming please sign yourselves up so I can plan staff accordingly.

Mount Washington Zones
I realize the link is currently not working we are looking to fix it as soon as possible. When that happens, I’ll send an alert on TeamPages for the document. We have had a good amount of interest for this race.

Whistler Cup Forerunning Quali April 11-12th
This season we will be having a Qualifying race for forerunners at Whistler Cup. April 11th 12th we will hold the event on Ptarmigan. All athletes are welcome to compete during the regular training day.
Whistler cup forerunning Qualifying Format
1. Select 3 Male 3 Female Forerunners for Whistler cup Slalom and GS. 4 Male & Female Forerunners for Whistler cup Dual Slalom. With the best chance of having quality forerunning for a world class event.
2. Create a Competitive, Fun and safe environment so athletes can push themselves confidently to their limits.
3. Use home Competition in April to continue development of skills, tactics and experience.
• 3 Runs GS Best 2 counted towards result
• 3 Runs Slalom Best 2 counted towards result
• Head to head Duals Brackets Round of 16 Female Round of 16 or 32 Male based on Numbers Single elimination (If all 19 show up round of 32 if 16 or fewer Round of 16). Each athlete will continue to ski duals courses for duration of training day regardless of elimination (Conditions Permitting).
• In the event of a tie Fastest run will be used. In the event of a further tie 3rd run will be used as final tiebreaker.

Final Training weekend of 2020 Winter season
April 25th-26th is the final training weekend of 2020. Game plan is for a regular training day Saturday, Club Duals race and social Sunday. There is no scheduled training Friday the 24th.

May and June camps
For athletes remaining in U12 for next season and new to program athletes joining the team next year U12 Training camp dates are as follows.
April 30th- May 3rd
May 7th-10th
May 15th-18th
June 4th-7th
Signups will be sent out as soon as they are available.

Mathieu Leduc
WMSC U12 Lead Coach


This past weekend the WMSC U12 team traveled to Grouse Mountain for their first and biggest away race of the season, competing for the coveted Tyee Cup. “Racing at Grouse Mountain provides a fun mix of challenging and flat terrain that tests each athletes ability to carry speed and then manage the steeps”, said Head Coach Mat Leduc. “The snow was a bit softer then we would have liked, but the course crew did a great job keeping it fair.”

The event ran over Saturday and Sunday, with 2 races each day. Four separate races: Giant Slalom, Kombi, Stubbies Slalom and Tall Gate Slalom.

Saturday, under a beautiful sunny sky, the first race was Giant Slalom with over 130 athletes competing. The women ran first and WMSC showed up strong and race ready, winning 6 of the top ten spots. Hannah Neeves was on the 2nd step, Maika Lennox-King in 3rd, Sophie Neevesn 4th, Alexa Ferguson 7th, Celeste Ciebien 9th and Anais Staniforth rounding out 10. Our men followed, winning the top 5 spots. Kingsley Parkhill edged out his teammate Dreas Gibbons, finishing 1st and 2nd respectively, and to sweep the podium, Liam Gottfried was 3rd. In 4th, Graydyn Swanson and Dominic Reid was 5th.

As the sun heated up and the snow softened the Kombi was next. The athletes had to review their tactical game plan for this tricky set and conditions. In the end 6 WMSC females were in the top 10. This time Alexa Ferguson set a blistering time finishing 1st. Ciebien was 2nd, Hannah Neeves 3rd, followed by her sister Sophie Neeves in 4th. Staniforth was 6th and Lennox-King rounded out in 9th place. The boys moved into the start gate and Graydyn Swanson finished 3rd, Reid was 4th, Declan Kirker finished 7th and in 10th place was Marek Novak.

Sunday with slightly cooler weather and overcast skies, racing continued. First up was Stubby Slalom. Again, a tactical plan was going to play a big role in the day. It paid off and Head Coach Mat Leduc commented on how all our athletes registered personal best skiing. Our females swept the podium. Ferguson and Ciebien again taking 1st and 2nd, followed by Sophie Neeves in 3rd. Hannah Neeves 4th and Lennox-King in 6th. The men won 7 of top 10! Dreas Gibbons was on point, taking the win, followed by Parkhill in 2nd. Swanson was 4th, Novak 5th, Gottfried 6th, Luka Buchheister finished 8th and Spencer
Wardle was 10th.

Going into the last race, the fog was rolling in. Re-focusing on the new Slalom tall gate course our coaches prepped and race readied the athletes. Hannah Neeves skied a clean race to 1st place. Her sister Sophie tied for 6th and Celeste Ciebien was 8th. With 72 boys to still race, WMSC powered through and swept the podium, and 6 of top 10! Parkhill finishing 1st, Novak 2nd, Swanson 3rd, Reid 6th, Gottfried 8th and Cory Kwan finished 10th.

At the end of 2 days, results were tallied and WMSC proudly brought the Tyee Cup back to Whistler winning both the female and male titles. Hannah Neeves won best female, beating her teammate Alexa Ferguson by 4 points. Kingsley Parkhill won the male title with the most points for the weekend. Head Coach Mat Leduc commented on how much the entire team has improved. “I had many comments on how well prepared and knowledgeable our athletes were. This is a credit to their
focus in training and at races this season.” I would say a credit to their amazing coaching too!

Well done U12 and congratulations!


The most recent event of the U14 Teck Zone race series was held last weekend, February 29 and March 1, at Cypress Mountain. Our team was greeted with sunshine and clear skies throughout the weekend, and soft-packed spring snow that made for an interesting race track.

On Saturday, the U14 of the Coast Zone raced a two-run combined time Slalom race, with Sunday’s GS race having a similar format.

U14 Lead Coach Henry Yeigh says, “Thanks to the Cypress Ski Club for hosting a successful TECK zone race this past weekend. The WMSC U14’s battled through conditions fighting through soft inconsistent snow that didn’t provide the greatest feel-good skiing experience, but this didn’t slow our athletes down! The perseverance, determination, and team spirit shown over the 2 days yielded some personal bests, showing what a great group of young people we have at the U14 level.”

Saturday – Slalom
Ladies: (1) Maeve Pretty, Grouse | (2) Erica Zander, Cypress | (3) Tessa Wang, Grouse
Men: (1) Thomas Legg, Whistler | (2) Thomas Hung, Grouse | (3) Joseph Gibbons, Whistler

Sunday – Giant Slalom
Ladies: (1) Maeve Pretty, Grouse | (2) Tessa Wang, Grouse | (3) Vanessa Young, Whistler
Men: (1) Ihsan Salari, Cypress | (2) Joseph Gibbons, Whistler | (3) Thomas Legg, Whistler

For complete results, please click here.

Congratulations to all our U14 athletes who participated in the race, and thank you to all the volunteers who made it happen!

U12 March 2nd Update

Posted by Mathieu Leduc at Mar 2, 2020 6:37PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Hey U12 Crew
Quick Note: With FIS races in town this weekend there’s a need for Volunteers. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn how to run a race with some volunteers that have been around for a while I encourage people to get out make some friends and be a part of the downhill races this weekend. Please Email If you are interested.

-1st and foremost Congratulations. We had a Fantastic race weekend on Grouse Mountain. Athletes were focused, Helpful, Supportive and courteous among other things. I had many comments on how well prepared and knowledgeable our athletes were. This is a credit to their focus in training and at races this season. We had some runs that I would register as personal best skiing. On top of that we took home both Men’s and Women’s Tyee Cups for the second year in a row.

Looking forward we will be skiing on Blackcomb this weekend and aiming to get some free skiing in. Let’s keep the foot on the pedal in the next couple weeks before Sun Peaks. With that in mind I’m glad we are improving on our teamship values and being more positive as a group but we will keep working on it.

This weekend’s schedule is:
Tuesday Night training: Cancelled due to low signup #
Friday: Slalom Set on Ross’ Gold. Skiing on Blackcomb Mountain. We will also look to get to the alpine for some fun free skiing in the bowls or Spanky’s. Meet @8:50 Rendezvous
Saturday: Slalom Set on Ross’ Gold. Skiing on Blackcomb Mountain. We will also look to get to the alpine for some fun free skiing in the bowls or Spanky’s. Meet @8:50 Rendezvous
Sunday: GS set on Ross’ Gold. Skiing on Blackcomb. We will look to do some GS free ski where possible. Will also look to get to the alpine for powder and bowls free ski. Meet @8:50 Rendezvous

Please let me know if you need your athletes down right after 2:30 we might push for some 3 O clock finishes this weekend if the alpine is skiing well. We will also be keeping an eye on energy levels. With that in mind please keep up with nutrition and sleep this weekend.

Key Notes for this Update:
• Sun peaks festival Closed Teams sent
• Extra Training
• Big White Ski cross
• Zone Finals
• May & June Camps

Sun peaks Festival
This event is now closed. Schedule details to follow as soon as I have them from the organizers.

Extra Training days Upcoming
As some of you know Monday the 9th is a scheduled extra U14 training day. If there are some keen athletes to join the U14’s they are welcome to. I will be there as well if this happens.
The U12 Program has a scheduled extra training day Thursday March 12th. Please sign up so I can schedule staff accordingly.

Big White ski cross
Please remember to enter for the Ski cross as soon as possible so I can staff accordingly. Thanks

Zone Finals
Mount Washington Zone finals Trip sheet is ready to go.
You can Find the trip sheet on team Pages in U12 Program trip sheets

May And June camps
May And June camps are approaching. These will be for current 1st year U12’s and next years 1st years. (2nd years will be training with U14)
Planned U12 Training camps are:
-April 30-3rd May
-May 7th-10th
-May 15th – 18th
-June 4th – 7th
For the future U14’s added weekends are May 21st – 24th June 11-14th

Thanks and see you on the weekend
Mathieu Leduc
WMSC U12 Lead coach

FIS BC Cup 2020 Live Timing

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Follow the FIS BC Cup on live timing


Feb 29 – Mar 8

Whistler Blackomb Mountain