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Excellence in Reputation

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Teamship Values – Excellence in Reputation

Whistler Cup is an enormous opportunity for us to share our love and passion for our sport and all that it stands for with the hundreds of athletes, parents, volunteers and sponsors who come to town, and it is therefore an occasion to reflect on Excellence in Reputation.
As much as we always strive to be ambassadors for ourselves, our team, our community and our sport, when we are at home the way that we carry ourselves is much of what people take away, and the foundation of our individual and collective reputations. At the same time, end of season energy levels are starting to wane while tensions, emotions and expectations are running high. It is therefore imperative that we stay focused on who we are, and what we stand for: first the person, then the athlete, then the skier and then the ski racer.

We Excel in Reputation: Our reputation determines how we are perceived by supporters and opponents alike. We work hard to maintain our reputation for being professional, well-organized, and highly disciplined.

• We are ambassadors: We uphold the reputation of the WMSC at all times and are outstanding ambassadors for skiing, the community and the country that we represent. We recognize that as a team we need to always display a united front.
Regardless of individual performance or stresses, we must stay strong, manage our emotions and think about the collective goals that we are all working towards in the knowledge that it is the strength of the team and having that team behind us that will give us the strength for the long run to reach our individual & collective goals.

• We are role models: We act as a role models at all times because we know that our actions and comments affect the reputation and morale of the Club.
Not only the words that we say, but also the way that we say them and the body language that we use tells an enormous amount about our attitude. There are always things that we and other can do better and focusing on solutions and staying the course will move us towards the excellence that we strive for.

• We are positive: We always maintain positive attitudes in what we do and in reflection of others to maintain our culture of excellence.
It is always easy to criticize oneself and others, and to point out faults; however the real value is to be able to identify and cherish what we can improve, and accept that the areas of improvement are the opportunity to develop and excel.

• We are proud and accountable: We always take pride in, and complete ownership of, our individual and collective actions and appearance.
In our Club and our sport there are many pieces that come together to form our reputation. As we make a strong effort to present ourselves as the person that we want to be, wear our uniforms with pride and keep our clubhouse, race venue and equipment tidy & organised strengthens our professional reputation.

• We are supportive and thankful: We go out of our way to support our team-mates and the community that sustains us. We go out of our way to thank those who help, encourage and support us.

Our team, Club, community and sport rely completely on our collective endeavours to support each other. The effort that all athletes, parents, volunteers & staff make goes way above and beyond. It takes so little to put our own challenges aside to say thank you, but it goes a long way.
It is an honour to be a part of this team and to be associated with so many great people who continually strive for Excellence in Reputation.

Best regards,
Mark Tilston
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

WMSC Club Race March 31

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Another amazing club GS race was held under bluebird skies on March 31st – thank you to all the athletes, coaches and parents who came out!
Graham Ross’ photos of the race can be found here: and results:


Change in day for this weekend’s net set! Sunday April 7th -9:00 a.m. Garbo Hut
Weather forecasts are pointing to some unfavourable weather on Saturday so the Whistler Cup net set has been moved to Sunday April 7th at 9:00 a.m. There is a lot of work to do in one day so we really need every available WMSC parent to lend a hand! Our biggest event of the year is just one week away – lets make sure we are ready to race! Please come out and help our hard working course crews!


A contingent of U12’s travelled to Big White Ski Resort to compete in the Big White Ski Club U12 Invitational this past weekend (March 30 and 31). The field was comprised of 29 girls and 18 boys including 10 girls and 9 boys from WMSC. They competed against racers from different zones including Big White, Apex and Vernon.

The team was steered by a strong group of coaches – Mat, Alexi, Roman and Rob were leading the way making sure we had the best prepared kids on the mountain. The sunny skies buoyed everyone’s moods, bringing out the smiles and good vibes in the start area, and the kids were focused on their performances but cheering each other on.

Unfortunately snow conditions did not allow for the GS to be run, so four one-run slalom races took place: stubbie slalom, two paneled slalom, and a tall gate slalom.

Coach Mat Leduc said he saw “massive improvements” from these U12’s with tough competition from other clubs. There was a good variation of kids on the podium and several posting personal best results: “For some kids, if you watch video from their first days at U12 until now you’d never believe it’s the same kids. Massive leaps. The last few weeks of racing have increased the gains that some kids have made because they see how close they are…so they focus even harder.”

In Saturday morning girls stubbies, Thea Torn won gold, followed by Marlowe Cook in third and Brooke Bessie in 4th. On the boys side it was a podium sweep with Thomas Legg 1st, George Sarkis 2nd and Graydon Swanson 3rd, followed by Aiden Thornhill in 6th, Maxim Akbulatov 7th, Angus Brown 8th and Kingsley Parkhill 9th.

In the afternoon paneled slalom Cook took 1st for the girls, followed by Torn 2nd and Hannah Neeves 8th. For the boys it was another podium sweep with Legg in 1st, Swanson 2nd, Sarkis 3rd, Akbulatov 6th, Parkhill 7th, Thornhill 8th and Brown 9th.

On Sunday the second paneled slalom had a surprise snowfall, and more great results from WMSC. Torn won another gold for the girls, followed by Cook 2nd and Bessie 9th. On the boys side it was Akbulatov was 1st, Swanson 2nd, Sarkis 3rd, Parkhill 4th, Thornhill 5th, Seth Robert 7th and Brown 8th.

The sun was out again for the final tall gate slalom, and more top 10’s for the club: Cook also won another gold followed by Torn 3rd, Hannah Neeves 8th, Sophie Neeves 9th and Bessie 10th. For the boys it was Parkhill 1st, Sarkis 3rd, Swanson 4th, Akbulatov 5th, Robert 8th and Brown 10th.

On top of excellent results the team (And parents! And coaches!) had great fun including a birthday celebration for teammate Mitchell Stodt on Saturday afternoon at Happy Valley Lodge.

A fun road trip to end the U12 race season!


Last weekend, 53 men and 53 women participated in the Teck U16 Open at Apex Mountain Resort. The Whistler Mountain Ski Club (WMSC) was represented by 12 women and 13 men.
As always, thanks are due to the organizers, coaches, and volunteers for their hard work putting together a great event. Huge thanks are also due to Teck for sponsoring this exciting race series.
The event took place over the course of 4 days, with the women running giant slalom and the men running slalom on Thursday, March 21 and Friday, March 22. On Saturday, March 23 and Sunday March 24, the events were flipped, with the women running slalom and the men running giant slalom.
The race organizing committee did a fantastic job preparing and maintaining an excellent race surface with fair conditions throughout the field of competitors. As an added bonus all of the races were completed and in the books by 12:30pm each day giving the athletes time for dryland, homework and ski tuning in the afternoon.
Women’s Giant Slalom (Thursday):
On Thursday, the WMSC’s women shone, with Sara Stiel taking the win and Jaden Dawson taking 3rd place. They were split by Apex athlete, Ana Large, in 2nd. Fiona McInnes also achieved top 10 placing for the WMSC, finishing in 6th place.
Men’s Slalom (Thursday):
On Thursday, the WMSC’s men also did very well, with Chase Burns in 2nd and John Nicolls in 3rd. The win was taken by Apex athlete, Heming Sola. Four other WMSC men achieved top 10 finishes, with Matthias Shorter just off the podium in 4th, Hayden Harley in 6th, Sam Fuller in 8th, and Adam Usher in 10th.
Women’s Giant Slalom (Friday):
On Friday, WMSC athlete, Sara Stiel repeated her winning ways from the previous day and Jaden Dawson improved to take 2nd place. They were joined on the podium by Apex athlete Ana Large in 3rd place. Fiona McInnes came in 5th place, the only other WMSC woman to achieve a top 10 placing in this race.
Men’s Slalom (Friday):
On Friday, Apex athlete, Heming Sola once again took the win. WMSC athlete, Matthias Shorter took 2nd place and WMSC’s John Nicolls rounded out the podium in 3rd. Five other WMSC men achieved top 10 finishes: Adam Usher in 6th, Duncan Ross in 7th, Graham Seltzer in 8th, and Sam Fuller in 9th.
Women’s Slalom (Saturday):
On Saturday, Prince George athlete, Melinda Kobasiuk scored the win. Apex athlete, Noa Rogers took 2nd and WMSC athlete, Jaden Dawson took a 3rd consecutive podium position. The only other WMSC athletes in the top 10 were Isabella Cross and Holly Clarke, in 6th and 10th places, respectively.
Men’s Giant Slalom (Saturday):
On Saturday, WMSC athlete Matthias Shorter took the win with teammate Sam Fuller in 2nd place. Three other WMSC men achieved top 10 finishes: Graham Seltzer in 4th, Hayden Harley in 8th and Duncan Ross 9th.
Women’s Slalom (Sunday):
On Sunday, Apex athlete, Noa Rogers was victorious, with Prince George athlete, Melinda Kobasiuk in 2nd and WMSC athlete, Jaden Dawson rounding out the podium with her fourth consecutive podium position of the weekend. Two other WMSC athletes finished in the top 10, Sara Stiel in 4th and Holly Clarke in 10th.
Men’s Giant Slalom (Sunday):
On Sunday, Apex athlete Heming Sola grabbed the win with WMSC athletes John Nicolls and Matthias Shorter separated by 11/100ths of a second in 2nd and 3rd place.
Three other WMSC men achieved top 10 finishes: Chase Burns finished just off the podium in 4th, with David Wood taking 5th and Sam Fuller finishing in 8th.
The Overall U16 Teck Open Series titles were also presented on Sunday with WMSC athletes Matthias Shorter and Jaden Dawson taking home the hardware as overall series winners. They were joined on the podium by Chase Burns finishing 3rd overall on the boys side and Sara Stiel in 2nd overall on the girls side.
A hearty congratulations to all the racers!