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Passing of Mauro Detassis

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Oct 27, 2018 7:53PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Mauro Detassis who had been an incredible proponent of FIS children’s skiing


While we are all aware of the dangers presented by head injuries, as well as whiplash-type injuries that may also result in concussions, our understanding of and protocols for potential concussion injuries is continually evolving.

Alpine Canada has recently adopted an extensive and comprehensive Concussion Protocol for ski clubs which covers the recognition, medical diagnosis, and management of athletes who may sustain a suspected concussion during a sport activity. The Alpine Canada Concussion Protocol aims to ensure that athletes with a suspected concussion receive timely and appropriate care and proper management to allow them to return back to skiing safely. WMSC is implementing this Protocol for the upcoming season.

The Alpine Canada Concussion Protocol includes the Concussion Recognition Tool 5 developed by Parachute Canada and our coaching staff are trained to use this Tool as part of the Club’s Emergency Action Plan. However, it is important to note that our coaches are not certified to make medical assessments of concussion injuries, and the Club will follow the Alpine Canada Return to Sport protocol (including requiring a clearance letter from a health professional prior to returning to training).

The Alpine Canada Concussion Protocol states that “current evidence does not support the use of baseline concussion testing” for youth athletes. Parents/Athletes who wish to utilize baseline testing are recommended to consult with their health professionals.

Further information can be fount at:

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Another Successful Ski Swap

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Oct 15, 2018 4:14PM PDT

I would like to thank all of you for your incredible efforts to bring together the 2018 Whistler Swap. The Swap has been the largest fund raiser for the ski club for the past decade and it is not possible without the dedication and support of our amazing ski club. I do not wish to miss out on anyone, but would like to extend a special thanks to Abbie for the efforts to recruit and organize the over 100 volunteers, Michelle who has taken the lead role on check in and check out of the equipment, Ian our magical IT specialist, Maria for making sure our “care packages” were ready on site and finally the parents, children and ski coaches that made the effort to help out. Steve Fleckenstein has organized to coordinate the left over and abandoned skis to be donated to the Alberta Handicap Ski Association, this is a god send as we do not have a home for these skis at the end of the sale. Thank-you Steve for undertaking this important role. I’d also like to thank Whistler Blackcomb and their team of staff that made our jobs so much easier.

The Club can take great pride in knowing it was the vision of the WMSC to create the first swap at the Myrtle Philip School over 30 years ago, we then moved to the Convention Center for years and moved at the invitation of Whistler Blackcomb to the Tents over a decade ago. A proud history that spans over 30 years.

I would like to Thank everyone again, it has been a pleasure to be part of the Swap Team for the past 10 years and an honor to be the Swap Manager for the past 7 years.

All the best,

Dan Jepsen


On Saturday, September 29, 2018, in conjunction with its Annual General Meeting & Member Summit in Kelowna, BC Alpine recognized some amazing individuals who went above and beyond last season to make sure ski racing in BC was the best it could be!
A huge thank you to the staff and chefs at Kelowna’s Bohemian Cafe for hosting our biggest-ever group of about 95 guests! They outdid themselves again this year, the meal was outstanding and everyone had a great time.

Please follow this link for a full list of awards and photos

2018 Athlete Awards

Dave Murray Ski Foundation Bursary ($750)
Dylan Timm
Fernie Alpine Team

Dave Murray Ski Foundation Bursary ($750)
Charlotte Gibson
Prince George Ski Club

Bob Parsons’ Memorial Fund Bursary ($1,000)
Aaron Leaman
Okanagan Ski Team

Bob Parsons’ Memorial Fund Bursary ($1,000)
Freya Jumonville
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

Ski Canada Magazine Bursary ($1,000)
Heming Sola
Apex Ski Club

Cary Mullen Sportsmanship Award (Trophy)
Isabella Cross
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

2018 Coach Awards
Learn/Train to Train Coach of the Year
Samantha Fournier
Sun Peaks Alpine Club

U16 Coach of the Year
Nat Cohen
Fernie Alpine Ski Team

FIS Coach of the Year
Conrad Pridy
Whistler Mountain Ski Club

2018 Volunteer, Official and other awards
Coast Zone Volunteer/Official of the Year
Laura Harley
Whistler Mountain Ski Club


The Nominating Committee of the Whistler Mountain Ski Club is calling for nominations for the position of Director for a two-year term commencing after the 2018 Annual General Meeting scheduled for December 1st, 2018.

The Nominating Committee is seeking qualified candidates to play a key role in the stewardship of the Club, and who respect the Club’s core values while delivering leading-edge governance attributes including experience, engagement, transparency and accountability. Qualified candidates will have the skill-sets, expertise and experience necessary to further the Club’s long-term strategic plan, while also playing the key role of supervising the Club’s management. The Club is seeking nominations for both “parent” and “independent” roles (the latter being persons with a deep knowledge of and passion for ski racing and/or a background in organizational governance, and who do not currently have children in Club programs).

The Nominating Committee is seeking:

  • One candidate to assume the role of Finance Director following a transition period;
  • And up to two candidates for the role of At-large Independent Director.

Where qualifications are comparable, preference will be given to female candidates with the goal of having greater female representation on the Board.

Interested members are invited to contact Monique Morden, Chair of the Nominating Committee (and Past-Chair of the Club at

Board Composition

Under the Club’s By-laws the Board of Directors will consist of not less than three and not more than twelve members, excluding the Chair and Vice-Chair/Past Chair. The Board currently consists of eight members, excluding the Chair and Vice-Chair/Past Chair. Directors must be full or honorary members of the Club. Directors are elected by the Club’s members at the Club’s annual meetings. Excluding the Chair, Directors are elected for two-year terms, with one half of the board elected every year. Directors are expected to commit to serving serve at least two terms. The Chair on election serves a four-year term: one year as the Club’s Vice-Chair, two years as the Club’s Chair, and one year as the Club’s Past Chair.

The Board of Directors has adopted a target of eight members, comprised of four Directors At-Large, the Chair, the Vice Chair/Past Chair, the Finance Director and the Club Secretary. Of the four Directors At-Large, the Board has set a goal that three of these Directors are “independent” by virtue of not having children presently enrolled in the Clubs programs.

Current Directors with at least one year remaining in the terms are:

  • Marty Aidelbaum, Chair
  • John Legg, Vice Chair
  • Hans Lundin, Finance Director and Independent Director
  • Rob Toole, Secretary & Independent Director
  • Rand Neeves, At-large Director
Current Directors standing for re-election are:
  • Sarah Renzoni, At-large Independent Director
  • Graham Ross, At-large Director
  • Jason Shorter, At-large Director

The BC Societies Act provides:

Directors must be qualified

43(1) A person must not be a director of a society if the person is not qualified under either section 44 or the bylaws to be a director.
(2) A director of a society who is not, or who ceases to be, qualified under either section 44 or the bylaws to be a director must promptly resign.

Persons qualified to be directors

44(1) A person is qualified to be a director of a society only if the person is an individual who is at least 18 years of age.
(2) Despite subsection (1), an individual who is 16 or 17 years of age is qualified to be a director of a society if provided for in the regulations.
(3) Despite subsections (1) and (2), an individual is not qualified to be a director of a society if the individual is
(a) found by any court, in Canada or elsewhere, to be incapable of managing the individual’s own affairs,
(b) an undischarged bankrupt, or
©convicted in or out of British Columbia of an offence in connection with the promotion, formation or management of a corporation or unincorporated entity, or of an offence involving fraud, unless
(i) the court orders otherwise,
(ii)5 years have elapsed since the last to occur of
(A) the expiration of the period set for suspension of the passing of sentence without a sentence having been passed,
(B) the imposition of a fine,
© the conclusion of the term of any imprisonment, and
(D) the conclusion of the term of any probation imposed, or
(iii)a pardon was granted or issued, or a record suspension was ordered, under the Criminal Records Act (Canada) and the pardon or record suspension, as the case may be, has not been revoked or ceased to have effect.