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Calgary, Alta. (May 15, 2018) – Following up on success over the past quadrennial, Alpine Canada is pleased to announce its nominations for the Canadian Ski Teams for the 2018-19 season. Alpine Canada will continue its pursuit of international podium success at World Cups, World Championships and Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Athletes have been nominated to the team having met selection criteria and/or coaches’ discretion and/or invited to participate in selected camps and competitions.


World Cup Women – Senior

Alana Ramsay (CADS Alberta; 22/12/94)

Mollie Jepsen (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 17/9/99)

World Cup Men – Senior

Alexis Guimond (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 11/06/99)

Braydon Luscombe (B.C. Para-Alpine, B.C.; 30/11/92)

Kirk Schornstein (Snow Valley Racing, Alta.; 19/03/93)

Kurt Oatway (Regina Alpine Race Team, Sask.; 23/02/84)

Mac Marcoux (Searchmont Ski Runners, Ont.; 20/06/97)

Development Team

Mel Pemble (BC Adaptive Snowsports, B.C.; 22/4/00)

Frederique Turgeon (Mont-Tremblant, Que ; 25/3/99)

Alex Cairns (BC Adaptive Snowsports, B.C.; 23/1/92)

Head Coaching Staff

Athletic Director: Matt Hallat

Head Coach: J.S. Labrie

Next Gen Head Coach: Lasse Ericsson

The Alpine Canada Canadian Para Alpine Ski Team nomination guidelines can be viewed here.


World Cup Women – Senior

Ali Nullmeyer (Georgian Peaks, Ont.; 21/08/98)

Amelia Smart (Panorama Ski Club, B.C.; 1/08/98)

Candace Crawford (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont.; 11/03/94)

Erin Mielzynski (Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont. ; 25/05/90)

Laurence St-Germain (St. Férrol-les-Neiges, Que.; 30/05/94)

Marie-Michèle Gagnon (Mont-Orignal, Que.; 24/04/89)

Mikaela Tommy (Edelweiss, Que.; 10/05/95)

Roni Remme (Alpine Ski Club, Ont.; 14/02/96)

Stefanie Fleckenstein (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 6/09/97)

Valérie Grenier (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 30/10/96)

World Cup Men – Senior

Benjamin Thomsen (Invermere, B.C.; 25/08/87)

Broderick Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 19/04/94)

Brodie Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 28/12/95)

Cameron Alexander (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 31/05/97)

Dustin Cook (Mont Ste-Marie, Que.; 11/02/89)

Erik Guay (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 5/08/81)

Erik Read (Banff Alpine Racers, Alta.; 31/05/91)

Jack (James) Crawford (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C./ Georgian Peaks Ski Club, Ont.; 03/05/97)

Jeffrey Read (Banff Alpine Racers, Alta.; 1/09/97)

Manuel Osborne-Paradis (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 8/02/84)

Morgan Megarry (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 26/05/93)

Philip Brown (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 9/11/91)

Riley Seger (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 21/04/97)

Sam Mulligan (Grouse Mountain Tyee Ski Club, B.C.; 20/02/97)

Simon Fournier (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 26/05/97)

Trevor Philp (Banff Alpine Racers, Alt.; 1/05/92)

Development Team Women

Marina Vilanova (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 2/02/99)

Sierra Smith (Mont St-Marie, Que.; 17/03/00)

Cassidy Gray (Team Panorama, Alta.; 25/01/01)

Alyssa Hill (Team Panorama, Alta.; 14/06/01)

Development Team Men

Asher Jordan (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 23/11/99)

Declan McCormack (Osler Bluff Ski Club, Ont.; 27/06/99)

Jamie Casselman (Team Panorama, Alta.; 17/05/00)

Liam Wallace (Sunshine Alpine Racers, Alta.; 03/09/99)

Max Kirshenblatt (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 04/07/98)

Pierre-Elliot Poitras (Sutton Ski Club, Quebec; 06/07/01)

Raphael Lessard (Bromont Ski Club, Quebec; 16/10/01)

Head Coaching Staff

Athletic Director: Martin Rufener

Team Operations: Amber Sinclair

Men’s Speed Head Coach: Burkhard Schaffer

Men’s Tech Head Coach: Dusan Grasic

Men’s Europa Cup Head Coach: John Kucera

Men’s Development Head Coach: Peter Rybarik

Women’s Development: Marie Eve Boulianne

Women’s Combi Head Coach: Manuel Gamper

The Alpine Canada Canadian Alpine Ski Team nomination guidelines can be viewed here.


A & B Team Women

Brittany Phelan (Mont-Tremblant, Que.; 24/09/91)

India Sherret (Kimberly Alpine Team, B.C., 29/05/96)

Kelsey Serwa (Big White Ski Club, B.C.; 1/09/89)

Marielle Thompson (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C.; 15/06/92)

Tiana Gairns (Prince George Ski Club, B.C., 01/07/98)

A & B Team Men

Brady Leman (Calgary Alpine Racing Club, Alta.; 16/10/86)

Chris Del Bosco (Ski & Snowboard Club, Vail/ Montreal, Que.; 30/03/82)

Dave Duncan (National Ski Academy, Ont.; 15/07/82)

Kevin Drury (Georgian Peaks, Ont.; 22/07/88)

Mathieu Leduc (Mount Washington Ski Club, B.C.; 14/04/90)

C Team Women

Abby McEwen (Sunridge Ski Club, Alta., Alberta Ski Cross, Alta., 09/11/96)

Courtney Hoffos (Windermere Valley Ski Club, B.C., 30/08/97)

Mikayla Martin (Whistler Mountain Ski Club, B.C., 08/01/97)

Zoe Chore (Kimberley Alpine Team, B.C., 26/02/98)

C Team Men

Kevin MacDonald (Milton Heights Racing Club, Ont., Alberta Ski Cross, Alta., 16/02/93)

Kris Mahler (Craigleith Ski Club, Ont.; 26/02/95)

Reece Howden (Okanagan Ski Club, B.C., 12/07/98)

Zach Belczyk (Sunshine Alpine Racers, Alta., Alberta Ski Cross, Alta., 19/06/96)

Canada Ski Cross Professional Staff

Interim Athletic Director: David Ellis

World Cup Head Coach: Stanley Hayer

Next Gen Head Coach: Victor Dockal

The D Team will be named following D Team Selection Camp.

The Alpine Canada Ski Cross Team nomination guidelines can be viewed here


Alpine Canada is the governing body for alpine, para-alpine and ski cross racing in Canada, as well as for Canadian ski coaches, providing education, certification, insurance and compliance with the coaching code of conduct. With the support of valued corporate partners, along with the Government of Canada, Own the Podium, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Coaching Association of Canada, Alpine Canada develops Olympic, Paralympic, World Championship and World Cup athletes to stimulate visibility, inspiration and growth in the ski community.

Spring Fling 2018

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Jul 12, 2018 5:53AM PDT

For one last time this season we gathered in our fabulous club cabin to celebrate a busy and successful winter! Funds for our race program were raised thanks to our generous prize donors: Rocky Mountainneer, North Shore Bike Shop, World Cup Supply, Legg, Younger, Novak and Maloney families!

Volunteers extrodinaire (Corrie P and Gill B ) ensured the food was tasty and Gibbons Après Lager and wines from Blackcomb Liquors were flowing! Sherry B charmed the crowd with door prize tickets. Cheers and thanks to all for a great 2017-18 season!

WMSC Awards 2018 & BBQ

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Jul 12, 2018 5:53AM PDT

Congratulations to all of our athletes & coaches for another great season. Thank you to Susie Doiron and her team of vollies for organizing the BBQ.

Here are the award winners from the 2017-2018 season.

Sportsmanship Award

U12 – Nicole Doiron

U14 – Jacqeline Smith

U16 – Freya Jumonville

FIS – Gemma Bexton

Most Improved Skier Awards

U12 – Aureane Emery & Maxim Akbulatov

U14 – Ella Kaufmann & Liam Forsyth

U16 – Fiona McInnes & John Nicolls

FIS – Gemma Bexton & Griffin Brumec-Parsons

Top Skiers of the year

U12 – Viveka Deck Stang & Thomas Legg

U14 – Kaila Lafreniere & Felix Shorter

U16 – Jaden Dawson & Tait Jordan

FIS – Gigi Kranjc & Jack Forsyth

Joel Ashton Award – Sierra Haziza

Dave Murray Award – Jack Forsyth

Jordan Schick Award – Julia Ross

Andree Janyk Volunteer of the year award – Laura Harley

Congratulations to the following WMSC Alumni and athletes:

BC Provincial team athletes – Ella Renzoni, Cameron Alexander, Max Kirshenblatt, Alexander Valentin, Kyle Alexander, Asher Jordan, Myles Kowalczyk

Para-Alpine Development Team – Mollie Jepsen – Gold medalist Peyongchang plus a silver and 2 bronze.

National Alpine Team – Broderick Thompson, Manuel Osborne-Paradis

Development team athletes – Stefanie Fleckenstein, Brodie Seger, Riley Seger, Jack Crawford

National Ski Cross Team – Marielle Thompson

National Ski Cross Development Team – Mikayla Martin

NCAA / College team athletes – Charley Field graduated from Anchorage Alaska University this year, Kelly Steeves – Harvard.

Whistler Cup Team Photos

Posted by Whistler Mountain Ski Club at Jul 12, 2018 5:52AM PDT

In this gallery are all the team photos for the 2018 Whistler Cup. All photos are available for free download. Simply select your image and click on the downward pointing arrow for your FREE download.

Click Here for TEAM PHOTO’S


Two blown ACLs can’t slow down alpine skier Mollie Jepsen
It’s not the hand that troubles West Vancouver’s newest Paralympian Mollie Jepsen when she’s skiing downhill at ridiculous speeds using only one pole, it’s those darned knees.

At the age of 18 Jepsen is on her way to South Korea for her first crack at the Paralympics, riding high after a huge weekend back in February that saw her hit the podium in three straight World Cup races, clinching the Crystal Globe overall season title for super G in the process.

The results are great, but what is most remarkable is what she has gone through already to get to this point in her young ski racing career. For Jepsen, who graduated from West Vancouver Secondary last June, the past four years have been marked most prominently by three massive injuries and the time spent recovering from them.

“I tore my first ACL when I was 13,” she says matter-of-factly. That was her right anterior cruciate ligament, torn during a scary training crash in Whistler caused by the young racer pushing her limits just a little too far, and it cost her an entire season of racing. She rehabbed hard, and made it back on snow. Her return lasted just one season.

When I was 15, I tore my second ACL.” That was the left knee, torn during a fluke accident while at a preseason training camp in Austria. “That was quite devastating after going through that kind of injury the first time and knowing how brutal and painful the rehab and surgery process might be. But I honestly just love skiing so much that I was just like, ‘OK, here we go again. I know what I’m doing, let’s get it done.”
She fought through it all to make it back on snow and then … broke her ankle. That was last February, at another training session in Whistler. For most mortals that would have been enough to hang up the skis for good, or at least take a long break from the sport. Not Jepsen though – she was back on skis in August and on her way to posting the breakout season she knew she had in her during all those years lost to injury. The physical rehab was gruelling enough – what was even tougher, though, was finding the mental strength to push her limits each time she got back on snow and came face-to-face with a steeply pitched slope.

“It’s a super, super rough mental game,” she says. “It takes a while to be able to trust yourself and not be scared all the time. But I have a super great support staff of physios, sport psychologists, coaches – they make everything possible. It’s definitely tough, and something I think every elite athlete has to go through. How you come out of it kind of shows what kind of athlete you are.”

This year Jepsen finally got to show what kind of an athlete she is, and it couldn’t have gone much better. The Paralympics start March 9 in South Korea, and the teenager is hoping to come away with at least one medal. Her last five years may have been rough, but she’s been preparing for this moment all her life.

Jepsen was born missing a few fingers on her left hand, preventing her from holding a ski pole in that hand, but that never slowed her down as she followed her family to the slopes on countless Whistler weekends, starting when she was just two years old. Following the 2010 Olympics she jumped into ski racing with the Whistler Mountain Ski Club, always competing against able-bodied athletes.

“I’ve worked my whole life to make it as if I had two poles,” she says. “I was coming from a gymnastics background, so the biggest part in only having one pole is are you able to balance well enough to ski turns on both legs? Many who don’t have one pole struggle to maintain balance.”

Working with one pole makes it tougher to push through the gates in slalom races, so Jepsen has shifted her focus to the speed events.

“I like to go as fast as I can,” she says, adding that her multiple injuries and rehabs have made her a more focused, precise racer. “I focused all of my energy on just becoming the strongest technical and tactical skier I could, and it’s now started to really pay off this season. I’ve been able to put down some really clean, fast runs. Finally.”

With two strong legs underneath her, Jepsen can’t wait to show the world what she can do at the Paralympics.

“The main goal, being my first Paralympics, is just to leave it all on the hill for each event each day, just ski as fast as I can and come off the hill knowing I did my best,” she says. “It’s a super awesome honour to be able to head over there knowing I’m representing Canada.”

Andy Prest / North Shore News March 6, 2018